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Tinga Crocodile

Crocodile's villainous breakdown

And don't call me "Croc"!
~ Crocodile, yelling at Monkey for calling him "Croc".

Crocodile is a recurring antagonist in the animated African-British series, Tinga Tinga Tales. Like Hyena, he is known to be very notorious and is one of the most despicable animals of Tinga Tinga. He is also known to be a very grumpy, dyspeptic, and cantankerous crocodile.

Crocodile has a notable assistant named Lizard, who is portrayed to be a notorious thief. He is very loathsome, despicable, and opprobrious while trying to snap at the animals with his jaws.


Crocodile is an obstreperous, argumentative, confrontational, and trash-talking reptile who tries to snap the monkeys with his jaws. He gets even more grumpier when someone calls him "Croc". Crocodile has the attitude in an attempt to eat other animals when trying to disturb him.

Villainous Roles

Season 1

Croc and Monkeys

Crocodile trying to capture the Monkeys with his jaws

  • Why Monkeys Swing in the Trees: Tries to attack the monkeys after Red Monkey tricks him with the fake heart (which is actually a mango). Crocodile is also very notorious for antagonising Tortoise, Hippo, Lion, Elephant, Tickbird, and Warthog (who is called a "horrible hog" in in Episode 7) by calling them "bad".
  • Why Crocodile Has a Bumpy Back: Easily very stubborn, Crocodile refuses to listen to the other animals about moving to another shade. His skin easily turns from brown to pink and also refuses to escape during a wildebeest stampede.
  • Why Lion Roars: Gets into a fight with Hippo and Tickbird while Tortoise says that the water hole belongs to every animal. The suggestion didn't work. After Lion got his roar back, he yelled at Crocodile and Lizard to get out of the water hole.

Season 2

  • Why Parrot Can't Keep a Secret: Plays with Jackal, Hyena, and Lizard with Lion's mane; this reveals that he and the other three are known to be thieves as explained by Parrot who opened his beak after hitting it on a coconut given by the monkeys. As Lion hears Parrot, he tells Crocodile and the other three scoundrels that he and the other three stole his mane.


  • When Lizard calls Crocodile with the short name in Episode 9, he mentions about trying to eat Lizard after calling him "Croc" one last time. This makes a perfect example of "Evil vs. Evil".
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