¡¡I hate the chicken eggs¡¡
~ Crocodile Dad
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Crocodile Dad is the secondary villain from mexican movie A Movie of Eggs. Crocodile is a leader of the adult reptiles group and father of Coco. He wishes his son was a bully just like him, but is depressed by the fact that Coco cares more about acting. 


You're a shame for crocodiles
~ Crocodile Dad talking about his son

Apparently is a huge yellow-eyed crocodile with dark eyebrows trimmed, proves to be quite spiteful and annoying against another type of egg, wanting to destroy them by own territory and by revenge. Is not at all proud of his son to see that he is not ruthless as the others of his class, so he always tries to teach him how to destroy other eggs and be feared.


At the moment when Toto, Willy and Bacon infiltrated the reptiles' grave, they were surprised by these ferocious animals. One of them was the great crocodile and its only objective would be to end the hen's eggs, beceause in the past his "wife" got married to a "rooster", since then he was in charge of his son named Coco, who gave him the charge of being the leader of the Reptile Egg's gang, but it's not like he expected it, in more than one occasion has disappointed him, not proving to be as barbaric as Serp, so he forces his own son and gang wing to go after the hen's eggs. After Serp's plan to crush Willy and Bibi fails, a roller coaster cart filled with children crashes on the Herpetarium he resides in, showing that he's more scared of children than they are of him. Cocodrilo sports a military-like hairdo.

Moments in the filming of the bloopers, they showed the scene in which crocodile dad yells at eggs and bacon, but erroneously says "I hate the sardine eggs", laughing without learning his lines constantly.


  • His voice is made by the dubbing actor Rubén Moya, who in the two following films played Mr. Narbundio Circunciso and Matías Jiménez.
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