The Crocodile Monster is a unnamed member of Ludo's Army and a minor villain in the animated series Star vs. the Forces of Evil.


The Crocodile monster first appears in "Match Maker" as one of the many monsters Ludo brings with him to Earth to fight Star and Marco. He gets defeated and badly injured by the turbo nuclear butterfly blast.

In "Cheer up Star", the Crocodile monster is one of the monsters Marco leads to Earth in an effort to cheer up Star. But is soon defeated afterwards.

In "Brittney's Party", once Ludo and his army hijack the party bus, the Crocodile monster and Spikeballs are placed in charge of the portal that is intended to suck up Brittney Wong's party bus. But fail again.

In the beginning of "Lobster Claws" he and the other monsters fight Star and Marco. He then leaves in agony with the other monsters except Lobster Claws. He then comes back to get the wand again. He fights Star and Marco again until Lobster Claws gets his claws on the wand and loses control. He and the rest of Ludo's army watch and are impressed by his evil actions. When Star gets the wand back she defeats them all again and they retreat.

His last appearance was in "Fortune Cookies" where he and the other monsters watch Frill-neck Monster and Two-Headed Monster compete in a dance battle.



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