This huge creature has sticky skin and spits plasma balls. When adventurers attempt to fight the Crocomire, it becomes angrier with every blow.
~ Super Metroid Manual

The Crocomire is a mini-boss in the video game Super Metroid. It is fought in Norfair.


Super Metroid

Unlike most boss battles in the game, the Crocomire has infinite health and must be defeated by pushing it back until it falls into lava. It can be pushed back by shooting into its mouth when it roars.

After it falls into the lava, the player goes to the other side of the room, which ends at a spike wall. The area starts rumbling, and the wall is brought down by the Crocomire's skeleton, which falls apart afterwards.

Metroid: Zero Mission


Crocomire as it would have appeared in Metroid: Zero Mission.

In Metroid: Zero Mission, the Crocomire was supposed to be a boss in the game, which would have fit because of being a prequel, but was removed. It looks noticeably different, it is larger in size and has a grey coloring instead of its usual red.

Other Media

Donkey Kong Country Returns

There is a skull in the background of the Foggy Fumes level from Donkey Kong Country Returns that strongly resembles the Crocomire's skull.


  • There is multiple unused content about the Crocomire:
    • In Super Metroid, the same game the Crocomire is a boss in, there is an unused creature named "Stoke" which is pretty much a smaller Crocomire; it breathes fire as an attack, but it's near to impossible to get hurt by it, considering its AI is incomplete and therefore cannot walk properly.
      • The name "Stoke" should be taken with a grain of salt, considering the name was found in the internal memory of Super Metroid, where it was labeled Stoke on the file of the enemy. These files may and may not be official, whereas they can be a part of the name, or completely random. But Stoke is the only name the creature has gotten so far that is close to being official.
    • In Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, there is some concept art with creatures that resemble the Crocomire, this was never used and there is no creature in the games that even slightly resembles this concept art.
  • The Crocomire's roar might have been inspired by the Titanosaurus from Godzilla.
  • The Crocomire does not attack Samus until it is attacked first.
  • Many consider the Crocomire's death to be very graphic for an E-rated game, as its flesh melts off revealing its skeleton underneath.


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