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Croire is a new character introduced in Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory. She is the Seven Sages' Tome, like Histoire. Her type of species is currently unknown. She was Rei's Oracle and the one who made her into a CPU.

She is voiced by Kanai Mika in the Japanese version, and by Cristina Valenzuela in the English version.


In terms of personality and interests, Croire is Histoire's polar opposite. While Histoire speaks in a eloquent, conserved, and persuasive manner and is generally a kindhearted, thoughtful, and talkative individual, she is depicted as a rude, sadistic, and argumentative person who speaks in a acrimonious, brusque, and vulgar tone and will openly mock and ridicule others, regardless of who they are.

Unlike Histoire, she is also socially confident and extroverted in the usage of vituperation and profanity. In regards to their roles as Oracles, they also differ significantly. Histoire is constantly concerned with the well-being of Gamindustri and diligently works to see that Gamindustri remains thriving, prosperous, and remunerative.

Croire is disinterested with the condition of the Gamindustri and simply wishes to be entertained, even if it means through strife, violence, societal collapse, and anarchy (although she does mention at one point that if Histoire's role was to dutifully record history, hers was to make sure that history remains entertaining, which remakes them polar opposites in the reason for their respective existences). She even encourages Rei to destroy both worlds simply because she thought it would be quite amusing.

Interestingly, she is named "Black Historie" in the visual artbook that ships with the limited edition of the game, although it has yet to be confirmed if she is related to Historie in any way.


  • Her name means "to believe".
  • Croire's origins and function are currently a mystery. It is unknown if she is a fragment of a Goddess like Histoire or an independent entity. She has also implied that she is a being not native to either Neptune or Plutia's dimension.
  • Neptune and Plutia both call her "Darksty", a play on word "dark" and Histoire's name. This due them always forgetting her real name, and it is shown that Croire hates people who can't at least get her name right.
  • Even though Croire claims and acts as though she is completely disinterested in the state of Gamindustri's well-being and even encourages Rei to cause general unrest and/or destroy both dimensions just for the sake of entertainment, she has been shown to exhibit very brief flashes of what appears to be genuine disapproval of the very actions that she is goading Rei into, along with their consequences. It is possible that Croire may be a much more complex character than the players are led to believe, due to her lack of character development.


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