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Time? I know exactly what time it is. And your timing isn't very good.
~ Cronus' famous line

Cronus is the main antagonist of the animated fantasy TV series Class of the Titans. He is the ruthless leader of the Titans and the arch-nemesis of the 7 teen hero team.

He is voiced by David Kaye, who also lent his voice to the Beast Wars incarnation of Megatron.



Cronus was imprisoned since the Titanomachy in Tartarus by his sons Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. Sought to avenge his defeat, he patiently bids his time whilst in imprisonment until the aligning of the planets began, a moment where he knew that he gained enough strength to free himself from his prison.

Escape and Discovering Present-Day Adversaries

Cronus escaped from his prison.

Once the aligning of the planets eventually began during the events of the episode Chaos 101, the resulting event allowed him to channel the power of cosmos which enough to unlock his cell. He knocked the guard whom checking him and channeled his enhanced powers to unlock his cell's door, where the process also caused the time briefly stopped (something which only noticed by other Gods and the Grecian Heroes' descendants). Finally freed from the prison, he recruited 4 titans on his side.

Dressing as a man with business suit, he located Oracle whom disguised as an old man and from him, he learned the existence of 7 descendants of Grecian heroes' existence that would deter his goals. From there on, he would do whatever it takes to destroy the 7 heroes, even includes attempted to have the 7th hero fought against his would-be allies which unfortunately failed.

Personality and Traits

Having harbored such long-standing grudges, Cronus often has no trouble persuading his allies to take out their anger on the heroes' modern descendants. He also controls a number of giants and has been known to form alliances with the old foes of the original heroes.

As one of the most powerful immortals in existence, Cronus has numerous powers, including using his blood to create sea serpents, empowered his minions by either through duplication or enhanced their strength via giving them animal-like characteristics (ex. mutating them into hairy six-legged anteater creatures), super healing, creating portals to escape, shapeshifting, shooting red beams that induce unconsciousness, and creating duplicates of himself.


He is always seen dressed in a black business suit and has two golden scythes.

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