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Yes, see? This is exactly to what I'm speaking. We lashed our ropes to this diseased world... and ever since, which one of us has been there for you? Who filled your lives with the promise of more? Who was there while they idly played in their towers... judging you, treating you as mindless children too stupid to command your own destiny. Without me, who will pay your rent when you're on the verge of eviction? Who will dare challenge their brutality when it leaks to our dear citizens? Who will protect you... from the Big Bad Wolf?
~ The Crooked Man
Do you really want the truth, or do you just want to look like the hero?
~ The Crooked Man's famous quote.

The Crooked Man is the main antagonist of the 2014 video game The Wolf Among Us. He is a Fable and a powerful and ruthless crime lord who's influence over all of Fabletown matches that of its government and holds much of its population within his grasp via his enforcements. The Crooked Man is also the first major villain that Bigby Wolf had to face as sheriff of Fabletown. He is Bigby Wolf’s arch-nemesis.


I'm a businessman, not a killer.
~ The Crooked Man stating who he is.

He is a very calm and collected, yet also cruel and manipulative crime lord from Fabletown who causes the events of the game. He runs an extensive criminal syndicate consisting of himself, his right-hand woman Bloody Mary, the pawn shop owner Jersey Devil, the pimp Georgie Porgie, and the Tweedle brothers. He offers loans and illegal magical glamours (Potions that hide the existence of fables to humans) and also runs a strip club and pawn shop. It is mentioned that he killed his own family rather than let them stand in the way of constructing his criminal empire.


Episode 3 "A Crooked Mile"

He ordered a hit on the game's protagonist Bigby Wolf in an attempted to kidnap the towns mayor, Ichabod Crane. He later spares Bigby's life in exchange for the mayor.

Episode 4: "In Sheep's Clothing"

He is mentioned many times throughout the episode by his thugs and finally makes his first appearance at the end of the episode, in his lair with all of his thugs.

Episode 5 "Cry Wolf:"

The episode begins within his lair, with him being warm and welcoming towards the sheriff. However, tensions quickly flare up between the two, and he offers to give up Georgie Porgie in exchange for an alliance. However, this greatly angers Georgie Porgie and his girl, Georgie asks for assistance against the other thugs but they all back down, showing them to be greatly fearful of the Crooked Man. Eventually, all the thugs get in a fight with Bigby and the Crooked Man and Bloody Mary escape to his limo. He is encountered again at a large foundry after Bigby kills Bloody Mary. A tense standoff occurs between the two due to him holding a gun fully loaded with silver bullets (Which would kill Bigby instantly). The Crooked Man requests he is kept alive and brought to trial, which is what Snow White wanted, depending on the players decisions, he may or may not be brought to the Fabletown Government for a trial.

Bigby arrests the Crooked Man and brings him to the Woodlands for his trial, and is also given the chance to defend himself. Here, the Crooked Man tries to convince everyone that he didn't murder Faith and Lily. Georgie did. However, they continue to charge him with ordering their deaths. While the Crooked Man does well on convincing the jury of Fabletown, he confirmed as guilty for the crime. However, the Crooked Man still tries to rally the jury, saying that he had helped the Fables who couldn't afford Glamours. He also defames Bigby and Snow, by mentioning any way how Bigby had abused his power as Fabletown's sheriff. Furthermore, he also states that if he's on trial Georgie's murder of Lily and Faith. Then Snow should also be on trial for Bigby's murder of Tweedle Dum (if the player chose to kill him). Despite almost having the townspeople convinced, Nerissa arrives and confirms the Crooked Man's crimes towards her and the other prostitutes at the Puddin 'n Pie. As well as that he did indeed order the murders of Lily and Faith. The town are about to sentence the Crooked Man to death, but Auntie Greenleaf interjects saying that they can imprison him to prevent him from doing any harm. Regardless of the choice that Bigby chooses, the Crooked Man tries to strangle him with his handcuffs. Bigby overpowers him, and dangles him over the Witching Well. The player is then given the choice again:

  • Throw him down the well: Bigby proceeds to drop the Crooked Man down the seemingly bottomless Witching Well, and the townspeople conclude his tyranny to an end, and yet another handful of Fables to mark as dead.
  • Tear his head off: Bigby violently rips the Crooked Man's head off and kills him, much to the horror of the townspeople and his body and head are disposed of down the well. While this does put the situation to an end, this does leave the townspeople more afraid of Bigby.
  • Lock him up: Bigby spares the Crooked Man and agrees to Greenleaf's way of making sure that he doesn't hurt anyone else. While Grendel, Holly and Bluebeard strongly disagree with this decision. Beast assures that Bigby is doing the right thing. In the following scene, the Crooked Man is shown to have been turned into a crow by Greenleaf and is locked in a cage. He is soon taken to the Farm, alongside Mr. Toad, his son and (determined by player choice) Colin.

Bigby viciously strangles the Crooked Man and brings his corpse back to the Woodlands, much to the horror of Snow White and most of the resident Fables. While some believed that the Crooked Man deserved to die, others are rightfully horrified and disgusted by Bigby's actions. On top of this, with Georgie dead, he is unable to be brought in for questioning. Snow also chastises Bigby, saying that she can't stop the others from calling for his resignation if he continues to abuse his power in such a way. This escalates into a heated argument about how the sheriff handled things, and if he and Snow are fit to run Fabletown. However, Nerissa shows up and defends Bigby and Snow, while also confirming that the Crooked Man held so many under his influence and fear. This ends with Bigby and Snow being given a chance to prove that things can be run the right way, and Bigby drops the Crooked Man's corpse down the Witching Well. On the other hand, Bigby can cut this short by dropping the Crooked Man down the well and leaving (if the player chooses to do so).

Original Rhyme

There once was a crooked Man, and he walked a crooked mile.
He found a crooked sixpence upon a crooked stile.
He bought a crooked cat, which caught a crooked mouse.
And they all lived together in a little crooked house.



  • In the Crooked Man's lair, there is a stained glass window that depicts the events of his original rhyme.


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