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The Cross Bearer is the titular antagonist of the slasher movie Cross Bearer. He is an unstable maniac who rants about "sinners" and murders them in a brutal fashion.

He is portrayed by Isaac Williams.


Very little is known about the Cross Bearer's personality as he speaks only a few words during the movie. However, it is certain that he is psychotic and deluded, as he genuinely believes to be guided by God while stalking and murdering. Wishing to cleanse Earth of its "sinners", he goes after groups of people he deems depraved, such as prostitutes, pimps, and porno makers.

Though he doesn't explicitly take pleasure in his acts, he is quite a sadist, as he rips one of his female's victims tongue and plays tricks with them.


A fanatically religious homeless man, the "Cross Bearer", rants about sinners, and after donning a makeshift mask made of cloths, uses a hammer to kill a drug addict. Elsewhere, Heather, a stripper, and Bunny agree to do a drug run for their abusive boss, with the intent of keeping the money they receive for themselves.

Anton, a pimp surrounded by two prostitutes, is the first of their clients. However, the Cross Bearer follows the three up to Anton's room, where he slaughters them with his hammer and takes Anton's gun. Later, Heather, Bunny and two of their friends arrive at the location and are let in by the Cross Bearer, who then proceeds to kill them one by one once they discover Anton's remains.

After a brief fight with the Cross Bearer, Heather pummels him with a baseball bat in the head, seemingly killing him. She then flees the bloodbath and in the morning kills her boss and a man who had heckled her the previous day, before going to the train station nearby. However, it is revealed that the Cross Bearer isn't actually dead. He recovered stumbles away while muttering, "Oh, loving Lord, guide my hand, so I may purify this Earthly paradise for your great return".

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