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Oh no! Can the greatest goddess in the Divine Realm not stop it?
~ Ristarte commenting on it's power

The Crossed Thanatus is a minor antagonist in the anime Cautious Hero. It is an extremely powerful being, that was summoned by Kilkapul in order to kill Seiya.


It appears as a figure in a white cloak. The face possesses a small mouth and a big gaping empty eye socket. Underneath its cloak seems to be a large purple tentacle. It's arms are thin and wrapped up. It carries a giant cross like weapon, which has a mouth and emanates blue flames.


The being doesn't seem to have any emotions and is solely bent on carrying out its task of killing its target. It stays calm and quiet, but equally cold and relentless. Its abilities are so inconceivable that its stats are scrambled by default.


After Kilkapul sacrificed the lives of an entire village, the Crossed Thanatus appeared. Seiya and Ristarte are shocked at its power. It rams its staff into the ground, causing it to break and explode. Seiya attacks and cuts it in half. But it quickly reforms and splits into two. Seiya fires a giant blast against it and they then escape to the Divine Realm.

But it managed to break through dimensions and follow them. All of the strongest gods attacked it, but none of them did any damage and were immediately knocked out. So they bait it into destroying one of Valkyries paintings. She is the strongest goddess in the Realm and gets really angry. She attacks him and when she realizes she must go all out, she uses the causality-bending spell Gate of Valhalla. Only with that is she able to destroy the Crossed Thanatus.


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