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Crow is a villain from Guilty Gear and the scientist working for Post War Administration Bureau who is responsible for making Robo-Kys and Justice clones. He is notably the main antagonist of Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus.


Crow's personality is that of a maniacal mad scientist who loves to capture and experiment Gears (such as Dizzy who is his most favorite). He is also ambitious that he wanted to take control of May's and Zappa's powers to create new weapons for the bureau. He can also be constantly upset with his opponents when they defeat his robots but can be seen at times to be confident and surprise. He can be a coward as suggested to how he always retreated when Ky, Sol or Johnny tries to get him and by upsetting the said person so he can get away and even self-destructing the facility as well. He is even notable to be obsessed with Dizzy, whom he even calls "Princess."

Guilty Gear Accent Core Plus

Crow is the main villain of almost all of the characters' story mode where he challenges them using his Robo-Kys and Justice clone. In Baiken's/Anji's/Johnny's Story Mode, they identify him to be Crow Kurawaba, another Japanese survivor. Once his Justice clone is defeated he retreats most of the time laughing maniacally and self-destructs the facility. He sometimes upsets anybody he encounters after his defeat (such as Dizzy, Baiken and May) by saying offensive things at them so he can get away & does an evil laugh as he escapes. The only story mode where he died is Zappa's story mode after his machine failed to get a possess Zappa's powers thus killing him. 


  • Crow is the only known non-playable character who serves as a villain in almost every characters' story mode in Guilty Gear. 
  • Crow's outfit is almost similar to Eric Draven's outfit and appearance in the movie The Crow, possibly a reference to him.
  • Crow bears many similarities with Kokonoe from Blazblue, except that unlike him, she is on the good side. It is even notable that his goals and plans bears many similarities with that of Relius Clover.
  • Crow's personality and ideas are a reminiscence of Josef Mengele, the dreadful Nazi scientist who is known for his horrendous experiments with children, receiving the nickname "Angel of Death". Baiken, Anji Mito & Johnny recognizing him as a Japanese survivor named "Crow Kurawaba" is an allusion to a popular urban legend about Adolf Hitler having Jewish ancestry.


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