Crowley Hamon is a soldier in the Principality of Zeon acting as Ramba Ral's second-in-command and lover. She is a supporting antagonist in Mobile Suit Gundam.


Crowley Hamon accompanied her husband to Earth to pursue the White Base and avenge Garma Zabi. She takes an interest in Amuro after she and Ramba Ral encounter him while they are all off duty, never having had any children with Ral.

After Ramba Ral was killed in an incursion into it, Hamon falls into despair. Not caring if she lives or dies since Ral is dead, Hamon decided to lead Ramba Ral's remaining men in one last attack on the White Base to avenge Ral.

During the attack, Hamon almost destroyed the Gundam using the turret of a Magella Attack Tank. However, she was stopped when Ryu Jose crashed his Core Fighter into Hamon's Magella, killing them both.


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