The Crown-Grabber is a blue Muppet monster with a Boris Karloff accent and teeth resembling giant knitting needles. He appeared in a General Foods commercial in 1966 for three snack foods-- "Wheels, Crowns, & Flutes". He along with the Flute-Snatcher and the Wheel-Stealer had insatiable appetites for the snack foods they were named after. Each time the Muppet narrator, a human-looking fellow, fixes himself a tray of Wheels, Flutes and Crowns, they disappear before he can eat them. One by one, the monsters sneak in and zoom away with the snacks. Frustrated and peckish, the narrator warns viewers that these pesky monsters could be disguised as someone in your own home, at which point the monsters briefly turn into people and then dissolve back to monsters again.

The Crown-Grabber would later be used as Beautiful Day Monster afterwards.


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