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Villain Overview

May I talk with the two of you for a moment? ...In private?
~ The Cruel Veterinarian's infamous quote.
You've seen too much! You'll be the first humans to see my secret experiment at work. Breeding dogs in space IS THE FUTURE!
~ The Cruel Veterinarian deciding that he cannot allow his operation and research to be discovered and exposed to the public, revealing his true nature and his insane "secret experiment" to Muriel and Eustace, who attempt to rescue Courage from suffering the same fate as his parents, before throwing and locking them in his Rocket.

The Cruel Veterinarian is the overarching antagonist of Courage the Cowardly Dog, serving as the main antagonist of the episode "Remembrance of Courage Past".

This unusual doctor, who runs his Pets of Tomorrow veterinary hospital, was the man who is responsible for taking away Courage's parents and launching them into space when he was an infant for an experiment (which later failed) and making the latter an orphan, until he was adopted by the kind Muriel Bagge. He is considered to be the first enemy that Courage faces in his life.

He was voiced by Jim Cummings.


He is elderly and monstrous in appearance, wearing an ordinary lab coat with sthetoscope attached, and wearing boots. He is bald and also has a scary beard and mustache, some eyeglasses, scary eyebrows, scary nose and ears, and monstrous crooked teeth.


The Veterinarian acts like a kind old man at first glance, as seen by giving an infant Courage some candy. However, this was only to conceal his true nature, a sadistic, sinister, cruel, antisocial and greedy mad scientist and schemer, who believes that sending dogs into outer space would somehow breed space dogs.

Using his secret knowledge of rocket science and aerospace engineering (and based on 2 posters he saw), this has led him to send many dogs into space against their will. He will also send humans to this same fate, to avoid his research being exposed and compromised to the public, seen when he caught Muriel and Eustace in a net and then thrown them into his rocket. The maniacal doctor also even went so far as to send Courage's parents into space for the sake of his insane experiment.

After he ironically suffers the same fate as his victims, he was petrified as the dogs that he sent away were obviously angry at him for his actions.


The Pets of Tomorrow veterinary hospital.

The Veterinarian was the one who was responsible for separating Courage from his parents as a puppy. He captured them, shoved and locked them in a rocket ship launched from his so-called "animal hospital" named "Pets of Tomorrow", and sent them to space as part of his breeding experiment, to see that normal dogs (in space) would breed space dogs. However, Courage escaped from this fate and was adopted by Muriel

Years later, Muriel and Eustace took Courage (still traumatized by the events) to the same vet that kidnapped and launched his parents, after recognizing him from the past, talking to them about speaking to him alone, which was secretly just a façade as he tries to do the same actions that he did to his parents earlier to Courage. Fearing that the Cruel Veterinarian would send him to space, Courage runs away and is chased in the hospital, running to open the door to his secret lab, but as he tries to open the rocket control room door, the Cruel Veterinarian nabs him with a net as he takes him to the same rocket ship that launched the latter into space, starting the same countdown before, and then throwing him inside and closing and locking the rocket's door. When Muriel and Eustace discover his breeding experiment, as well as attempt to rescue Courage, he decides that Muriel and Eustace have seen too much, and that he cannot allow his operation and research to be discovered and exposed to the public. He catches Muriel and Eustace with a net, and briefly explains that they will become the first humans to see [his] secret experiment at work,and claiming that breeding dogs in space is the future of normal dog breeding (with Courage opposing the crazed vet's evil space breeding scheme), before shoving them into the rocket and locking the door to be sent into space to prevent them from interfering with his cruel plan.

The Cruel Veterinarian's Rocket

However, while he closes and locks the rocket's door, Courage escapes and is chased around the lab. Courage knocks over a bucket of bolts and screws, causing the evil vet to slip. 30 seconds to launch, Courage tries to open the door to the rocket to save Muriel and Eustace, but to no avail. As the Cruel Veterinarian confronts Courage and nabs him again, trying to throw and trap him in his rocket again, this backfires when Courage screams into the stethoscope, almost deafening the Cruel Veterinarian, and causing him to scream from the pain. While he is screaming, already distracted from Courage's screaming, Courage then snatches the Cruel Veterinarian's rocket door key from his pocket, unlocks the door and releases and rescues Muriel and Eustace while the Cruel Veterinarian takes off his stethoscope, throwing them to a nearby bin. 8 seconds to launch, the Cruel Veterinarian tries to nab Courage to throw and trap him in his rocket yet again, but this also backfires as Courage bangs the rocket's door causing him to become weak in the process, weakly laughing as Courage traps the Cruel Veterinarian inside the rocket.

About 5 seconds to launch, Courage runs to be comforted by his owners and away from the rocket. As it reaches 0 seconds, the rocket engines under it ignite and the rocket launches sending the evil vet into space instead. At the end of the episode, this same rocket had already crash landed on an unnamed planet, as the evil vet opens the rocket's door and is then petrified, finding out that all the dogs (including Courage's parents, and the same dogs seen on the milk carton's "Missing" advertisement at the beginning of the episode) have survived the trip in space, and didn't breed any space dogs as he hoped, which meant that his breeding experiment to see that normal dogs would breed space dogs has failed. Out of pure anger by the dogs, the Cruel Veterinarian laughs nervously onscreen for the last time before he is dragged off in a net and mauled by the vengeful dogs offscreen for his actions. He is heard screaming in pain during the attack.

It is completely unknown if the Cruel Veterinarian survived or not, but even if he did so, he most likely remained on the planet until he starved to death or is still stranded there with the dogs.


May I talk with the two of you for a moment? ...In private?
~ The Cruel Veterinarian's introduction as he speaks to Courage's parents about discussing with him in private, which was revealed to be nothing more than a façade as he successfully kidnaps Courage's parents, his infamous quote.
I know just what to do with the dog. But I'd like to have a moment with him, alone.
~ The Cruel Veterinarian talking to Muriel and Eustace about discussing with him alone, also another facade as he tries to kidnap Courage.
Ready for the trip? (snickering) It's your turn now! *starts the countdown* (Courage:*gasps*) (countdown has already started, with about 60 seconds to launch) (snickering) *throws Courage into the rocket and closes the door*
~ The Cruel Veterinarian as he successfully kidnaps Courage and locks him up in the rocket.
(Muriel: What are you doing to my Courage?!) *Courage whimpers, banging the rocket's window* You've seen too much! *catches Muriel and Eustace with his net* You'll be the first humans to see my secret experiment at work. Breeding dogs in space is the future! (Courage:NO!) (Muriel: You can't do this!) (Eustace: Hey!)
~ The Cruel Veterinarian reveals his true nature to Muriel and Eustace as they discover his breeding experiment and his rocket, while attempting to rescue Courage, who will become the first human victims to see his insane secret experiment at work.
It's time for your trip, little dog! (snickers)
~ The Cruel Veterinarian as he confronts Courage and tries to kidnap him and put him in his rocket before his attempt fails.
Ah! *Courage bangs the rocket's door, seeing that the Cruel Veterinarian is lying on the floor laughing weakly, before he shuts the rocket's door, trapping the crazed veterinarian inside.* Yaah! (Computer: 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1.. Launch.)
~ The Cruel Veterinarian as he is banged by the rocket's door by Courage before he is locked up in his rocket in the last seconds before he is launched into space.
~ The Cruel Veterinarian as he sees that all the dogs survived, including Courage's parents, as well as falling on the floor after he slipped on some bolts and screws while chasing Courage.
~ The Cruel Veterinarian as he spots Courage trying to save his parents.
Well, hehe! *The Cruel Veterinarian is caught in a net and dragged offscreen* Yaah!
~ The Cruel Veterinarian laughing nervously for the last time as he is caught and dragged in a net and mauled by the dogs offscreen.
~ The Cruel Veterinarian as he is screaming in pain by Courage's loud screaming, as well as screaming in pain by the dogs mauling him.


  • The fact that the Cruel Veterinarian was the first enemy Courage ever faced in his whole life in spite of being an ordinary human is very fitting, as this may reflect that something with a monstrous appearance is never always evil and that some humans can be wicked and depraved.
  • In some ways, the Cruel Veterinarian can be considered the Greater-Scope Villain of Courage the Cowardly Dog: if he had not sent Courage's parents to a planet, Muriel could have possibly never found an orphaned Courage.
  • He is presumably based on animal testing during the Cold War and the Space Race between the United States and the Soviet Union (e.g Laika).


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