May I talk with the two of you for a moment? In... PRIVATE!
~ The Veterinarian's infamous quote.

The Cruel Veterinarian is a minor but important villain of Courage the Cowardly Dog. He was the man who is responsible for taking away Courage's parents and launching them into space when he was an infant for an experiment and making the latter an orphan, until he was adopted by Muriel Bagge. He is considered to be the first monster that Courage faces in his life.

He was voiced by an uncredited and unknown voice actor, presumably Dee Bradley Baker or Tom Kenny.


The Pets of Tomorrow Veterinary Hospital

The Pets of Tomorrow veterinary hospital.

He was the one responsible for separating Courage from his parents as a puppy. He captured them, put them in a rocket ship launched from his so-called "animal hospital" named "Pets of Tomorrow", and sent them to space as part of his breeding experiment, to see that they would turn into superdogs. However, Courage escaped from this fate and was adopted by Muriel.

Years later, he tries to do the same to Courage after recognizing him from the past. When Muriel and Eustace attempt to rescue Courage, he decides that he can't allow his operation to be discovered and decides to send Muriel and Eustace into space as well.

The Cruel Veterinarian Rocket

The Cruel Veterinarian's Rocket

However, Courage rescues his owners and locks the Cruel Veterinarian inside the rocket. After T-0, the rocket engines under it ignite and the rocket launches sending the vet into space instead. Crash landing on a planet, he finds that all the dogs have survived, including Courage's parents, which meant that his breeding experiment to see that they would turn into superdogs had failed. He is then petrified, as he is dragged off in a net and attacked by the vengeful dogs off-screen for his actions. He is heard screaming during the attack.


Ready for the trip? (laughs maniacally) It's your turn now!
~ The Cruel Veterinarian's quote as he kidnaps Courage and locks him up in the rocket.
You've seen too much! You'll be the first humans to see my secret experiment at work. Breeding dogs in space is the FUTURE!
~ The Cruel Veterinarian explains his agenda to Muriel and Eustace after locking up Courage in his rocket, and at the same time, locking the latter up in his rocket to prevent his reserach from being compromised.
It's time for your trip, little dog!
~ The Cruel Veterinarian's last quote before he is locked up in his rocket and is launched into space.


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