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May I talk with the two of you for a moment? In private.
~ The Veterinarian's infamous quote

The Cruel Veterinarian is a minor but important antagonist of Courage the Cowardly Dog. He's the man responsible for taking away Courage's parent's when he was an infant for an experiment and making the latter an orphan, until he was adopted by Muriel.

He was voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.


He was responsible for making Courage an abandoned dog. He sent Courage's parents to the moon in hopes of creating superdogs. He then tried to get Courage on a rocket that will send him to the moon.

Courage's owners accidentally get in between, and the Veterinarian tries to get them into the rocket and says that they would be the first to encounter the superdogs. However, Courage thankfully knocks him out, and pushes him into the rocket. The rocket engines ignite, sending him to space.

He is last seen on the moon about to be beaten up by all the dogs (including Courage's parents) that he had sent to the moon. He only appeared in "Remembrance of Courage's Past" the series finale of Courage.


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