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Cruella de Vil, Cruella de Vil!
If she doesn't scare you, no evil thing will!
To see her is to take a sudden chill!
Cruella, Cruella
She's like a spider waiting for the kill,
Look out for Cruella de Vil!
At first you think Cruella is a devil,
But after time has worn away the shock!
You come to realize,
You've seen her kind of eyes,
Watching you from underneath a rock!
This vampire bat, this inhuman beast,
She ought to be locked up and never released!
The world was such a wholesome place until
Cruella, Cruella de Vil!
~ The lyrics of Cruella's song "Cruella de Vil".
Darling, I live for furs, I worship furs! After all, is there a woman in all this wretched world who doesn't?
~ Cruella De Vil foreshadowing her obsession.
Any way you like, poison them, drown them, bash them in the head, you got any chloroform?
~ Cruella De Vil suggesting ways to kill the dalmatian puppies.
It's Halloweentime, my frightful fiends. AND DISNEYLAND IS OURS!!! [Laughter]
~ Cruella De Vil to her Disney villain friends that it's Halloweentime at the Disneyland resort.

Cruella de Vil is the main antagonist of Disney's 101 Dalmatians franchise, serving as the main antagonist of Disney's 17th full-length animated feature film 101 Dalmatians, one of the two main antagonists (alongside Lil' Lightning) of its 2003 direct-to-video sequel 101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure, a major antagonist of House of Mouse, one of the secondary antagonists of Mickey's House of Villains, and the overarching antagonist of 101 Dalmatian Street. She is Pongo, Perdita and their children's arch-nemesis.

Cruella is one of the most iconic and well-known Disney Villains and is a primary member of the franchise, she is remembered for her unique name, extravagance, and obsession - practically a worship - of fur.

She was voiced by the late Betty Lou Gerson in the first film, April Winchell in the TV series, Susanne Blakeslee in 101 Dalmatians 2: Patch's London Adventure, House of Mouse and Mickey's House of Villains, Barbara Goodson in Disney On Ice, and Michelle Gomez in the TV series 101 Dalmatians Street.


Cruella is very fashionable and chic, she dresses only in fur which she apparently lives for. However, as her name might suggest, she is also extremely cruel, ruthless, manipulative, conniving, and vile. Behind her glamour is an extremely murderous and vituperative psychopath who is willing to kill and skin 99 puppies just to create her own spotted fur coat and when the Radcliffes would not sell she resorted to stealing them.

However, unlike other Disney villains such as Scar, Hades or Judge Claude Frollo, Cruella is not much of a schemer who carefully plans out, she has shown to be quite reckless and temerarious, so she appears to act on impulse. Cruella shows a complete lack of manners, being rude and possibly even arrogant and according to Anita this trait was passed on when she was young at school, Cruella is shown to be extremely obnoxious, detestable, and prejudicial, so she demands her 99 puppy dalmatians without saying "please". Cruella could be considered a narcissist.

Cruella's appearance resembled that of a demon, she is described as a "devil woman" by the Dalmatians and is physically frightening which was shown by the lyrics of "Cruella de Vil", "Cruella de Vil, Cruella de Vil if she doesn't scare you no evil thing will!" Cruella is short-tempered, cantankerous, and quarrelsome. She has shown to be easily enraged and infuriated, an example of this would when the Radcliffes denied her the dalmatians and she left in a fit of rage. Her henchman, Jasper, and Horace, appear to be the cause of most of her frustration. At the end of the film is when Cruella has a complete and murderous breakdown.

She appears to be abusive, defamatory and argumentative towards her minions, Jasper and Horace, an example of this would be when she acquired the two of them the task of dognapping the dalmatians while they were watching the TV show "What's My Crime" and then asked if they can watch it to the end she slaps them in exasperation of their bumbling stupidity. Cruella is cold-hearted and unsympathetic, so she despises dogs, describing them as beasts and shows very little concern about their lives.

She has also proven to be self-centered enough to treat her own great-nephew (Hunter) in the same abusive way as Jasper and Horace. She did not seem to care in any way for the life of her great-nephew, since when Hunter was locked in a shipping container for 6 months, she did not notice his absence and ignored his messages of help, since she worried more than he will not send the Dalmatian puppies, because the moment she finds out about his failure she just yells at him. So much was her selfishness that when Hunter found out that skinning the dalmatians would kill them, she simply scoffs at his naivety and locks him back in the container and later in a cage to watch him kill the puppies.

She also appears to be an unpleasant and treacherous sadist, taking great delight in the thought of killing the puppies in the most brutal ways. It is not until the end Cruella reveals her true personality, a violent, careless, murderous, destructive and downright evil psychopath after the dalmatians escape, she becomes nearly insane and preposterous, so she goes on a rampage trying to retrieve the dogs but accidentally crashes the car she was driving.


101 Dalmatians (1961)

In her debut, Cruella was mentioned by Roger to be Anita's old schoolmate. He began to sing his own version of her called "Cruella de Vil". Cruella storms in and asks if the puppies came believing they are the key to make a spotted fur coat. Anita says in three weeks they will. Cruella leaves without even joining Anita for tea. She then comes back in three weeks. Anita and Roger say "no" when she asks them to sell the puppies. Roger stood up firm and tells Cruella off, stating that she’s not getting a single puppy. Furiously, Cruella storms out, warning them that she would get even and they would be sorry. She hires Horace and Jasper on the phone to help her in stealing the puppies.

Cruella later gloats at the newspaper with the picture of Pongo and Perdita’s 15 puppies stolen and called Roger a fool.

Then she next appears in the film when she angrily watches her henchmen watching "What's My Crime". She demands them to start skinning the puppies for a fur coat. She slaps Horace and Jasper when they ask if they can finish the show first, and leaves them in her house to skin the puppies, threatening to call the police if they are not done by morning. She finds Horace and Jasper looking for the puppies who escaped the house and they discover their footprints in the snow. She then vowed to find the dogs "even if it takes until next Christmas".

They follow them to Dinsford and Cruella sees black puppies and soon she realizes that they are the puppies in soot when snow falls on them and uncovers their disguises. She calls her henchmen to catch them, but they are attacked by a black Labrador and fall down on the road. Cruella follows the van the puppies ride in and recklessly hits the van in attempt to knock it off the road in order to recapture the puppies (ignoring the driver of the van demanding what she was trying to do), but drives off road and into the snow in a ditch. She quickly escapes the trap, but crashes into several trees, knocking off the exterior parts of her car as well as her fur hat in the process.

Enraged, she goes insane with a wild look in her face in her attempts to catch the puppies and rams into the van that they are in to try and knock it off the road. Horace and Jasper try to do the same thing, but Horace accidentally pulls out the steering wheel and they crash into Cruella's car instead causing both the vehicles to fly off the road into pieces. Cruella and her henchmen are unharmed, but now, no longer have a way to chase after the van. Cruella then calls Horace and Jasper idiots, fools, and imbeciles in rage before sobbing over the loss of her dream coat. Jasper however, is finally fed up with her insults and tells her to shut up, regardless of how fearful he was toward her earlier. Cruella was presumed to be arrested after this, when the driver of the moving van reported her along with Jasper and Horace to the police.

101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure

Cruella had been released from jail, but has a restraining order and is on probation. Her life in ruins, she tries to calm herself down working with Lars, a German artist. Try as he might, however, he cannot please Cruella with his designs, so she decides to help by looking for the Dalmatian puppies again and find out their address by seeing Patch on the newspaper. She bails Horace and Jasper out of jail to find the puppies, and she hides them in a stolen truck to get to the puppies. The Baduns are able to subdue the Nanny and steal the puppies for Cruella, who aspires to use their fur for a painting. When Lars disagrees, Cruella ties him up and gags him, and turns to her original plan of turning the puppies into a fur coat.

Patch's hero, Thunderbolt, tries to rescue the puppies, but Lil' Lightning tricks him into openly attacking Cruella and the Baduns. Cruella captures him and Patch. Lightning reveals Thunderbolt as a fraud, crushing Patch's spirit. The puppies escape but Thunderbolt is too ashamed to follow. The Baduns inform Cruella that the puppies escaped, but Patch tricks them while Thunderbolt frees Lars. The dalmatian puppies escape in a double-decker bus and Cruella chases after them with her henchmen, but Cruella is distracted by Thunderbolt faking a heart attack. Cruella decides to put him out of his misery by killing him, but she accidentally knocks the Baduns unconscious. Patch puts the bus in reverse and Cruella, Lil' Lightning, and the Baduns are almost run over and fall into a river. Lil' Lightning and the Baduns are imprisoned while an insane Cruella is dragged into a mental institute, never to be seen again. It is unknown if Cruella ever recovered from her mental condition or if she spend the rest of her days thinking on dalmatian fur coats and locked up in the mental institute.

101 Dalmatian Street

Cruella originally did not appear in this series, due to it taking place roughly sixty years after the events of the original film but has since been revealed as alive and active. However, there was a small foreshadowed cameo of Cruella in the intro for 101 Dalmatian Street, indicating that she could still be alive.

In the episode "London We Have A Problem", it is revealed that she is the great-aunt of Hunter De Vil.

A recent clip from YouTube has revealed that Cruella de Vil will be appearing in the show, actually appearing in the home of the 101 Dalmatians. Her intent in the episode is uncertain, but doubtlessly unpleasant for all the canines involved.

In the episode "Better The De Vil You Know", It would be the first episode where we clearly hear her voice, in this Hunter calls her and she greets him calling him her favorite nephew, Hunter answers that he is her only nephew, Hunter tells Cruella that 6 months have passed since his last failed plan and that he He had been trapped in an evio container, Cruella indifferent, tells him that he only noticed that he still does not have his Dalmatian fur coat and asks him if he already stole the puppies, Hunter says no and Cruella angrily yells that he is a useless boy along with other insults and warns him that he has one last chance to show him that he was not useless, this shows that Cruella treats Hunter in a similar way to how he treated Jasper and Horace, later Cruella arrives in London with his car It was repaired but shows how time passed now full of rust, we also see that Cruella's driving is just as bad, because it causes many accidents in the city in the places that he passed. Later he calls Hunter again, who had failed again in another of his plans and Cruella warns him that if he did not get the dalmatians before she arrived she would expel him from his own punishment family, in the end Hunter returned to marry and Cruella finds him In an alley, then she tells him that she had enough of her nonsense so now she would take control of the operation to rob the dalmatians, there we see for the first time a silhouette of her physical form while she laughs evilly before the end of the episode.

In the episode "The De Vil Wears Puppies Part 1", she makes her first physical appearance, having a much more emaciated appearance having a slimmer body, her bones thunder all the time, she has some age spots and wrinkles but many are hidden with a special perfume that she uses (which gives off a green smoke just like than her old cigarettes), in this episode she visits Hugo, Clarissa's owner, where she had to suffer his terrible fashion style to attract the attention of the Dalmatians, after Hugo commented that he would like to get rid of his Dalmatian neighbors, she says that he could help him with the matter, then he shows his face to Delilah who was spying to scare her and that they lock themselves in her home since it was part of his plan to keep them locked up to stimulate their fur with fear, after torturing the dalmatians with a horrible heat, leaving them without water and electricity to make them go out, in the end he succeeds when three of the dalmatians leave their house to the park through a hole that Diesel dug and ordered his two henchmen who stay in the park while she entered the house of the Dalmatians and forced them to flee through the hole, which she achieved after having a battle with Doug and Delilah, which ended up capturing them and their henchmen to the puppy Dalmatians.

Cruella: Ohh, what have we here?
(Dorthy Dalmatian whimpering)
The softest of them all! You've done well, my boy. Now, hand it (Dorthy Dalmatian) over.
(Doug, Dylan, and
Dolly growling)
(Delilah: Dorthy!)
Hand. It. Over!
Hunter: Not the.. little one.
Cruella: Well, boy... are you a De Vil... or a dog?
~ Cruella demanding Hunter to lend Dorthy Dalmatian to her to put her into the fur optimization machine.

In the episode "The De Vil Wears Puppies Part 2", Cruella locks Delilah in a cage, while Doug locks him in the trunk of his car, tied up while unconscious, Clarissa is a witness and despite her hatred of dalmatians says that Cruella crossed a limit that not even she is willing to do, Clarissa barks at which Cruella simply sprays some of her perfume on her and leaves her unconscious for a minute as she gets into her car and runs away with the adult dalmatians, without Cruella noticing Clarissa grabs the trunk of her car, later while Cruella note that Clarissa tried to get Doug out but failed, Cruella mocks Clarissa, but does not notice that she drew the attention of some humans who call the police, Perla along with Dylan and Dolly chase Cruella's car, but at the moment of noticing them , Cruella increases the speed causing some disasters such as almost running over a couple, before accelerating more and escaping from them, later she arrives at the dock and mentions that she gets rid of the bodies of the Dalmatians, Hunter n Or he knew this and Cruella just makes fun of him, Hunter calls him a Monster to which Cruella only smiles and says thank you very much before laughing at him and locking him in the same container with the dalmatians, later he shows Doug and Delilah the machine with which he plans to skin the puppies in front of them, he also mentions that although they are old to be a coat, their skin would be useful for a suitcase that matches their coat, later Cruella's henchmen capture Dylan and Dolly in addition to one of them grabbed Fergus who thought he was dead, Cruella orders his henchmen to lock up Dylan and Dolly, in addition to wearing Fergus as a scarf, later Sid and Fee arrive and attack Cruella's henchmen, while Fergus surprises Cruella showing him that he is alive and attacks her, later Cruella manages to catch the dalmatians again, pretends to be nice to Hunter so that he gives him Dorothy, but Hunter refuses, Cruella calls him a snowflake He cries and asks if it's a De Vil or a dog that Hunter angrily barks at and accidentally jams her coat in his own machine, where she is wet, stripped of the head, but fortunately survives because Delilah and Doug say that They are animals but not monsters like her, later the police stop Cruella's boat and arrest her, while she is dragged she screams that she hates the puppies and Hunter's traitor, after being locked in the police truck, a threat that will not be. The last time they see Cruella De Vil swearing revenge and that she will return soon.

Other Media

Live-Action Films

Main article: Cruella De Vil (Live Action Films)


Main article: Cruella De Vil (2021)

House of Mouse

Cruella De Vil is in one of the guests from the House of Mouse.

Mickey's House of Villains

Cruella De Vil is one of the members of Jafar's team, assembled to rule the House of Mouse. However, she and the all of the other villains (except Jafar) immediately scatter out the House before the House of Mouse is restored once again.

101 Dalmatians: The Series

Cruella is the main antagonist in 101 Dalmatians: The Series. In this series, her goal is to obtain the land from Roger and Anita Dearly. She owns a giant mansion, and is head of "House of DeVil". Cruella plays less of a series role in this series, and is around to be comic-relief more than everything. One reoccurring habit of hers was making recorded memos to herself with a recorded that she carried around. Due to censorships and the show's target audience, she had to have her obsession with fur coats and smoking removed. In this series, we are introduced to her several family members.

Kingdom Keepers

In the novel series Kingdom Keepers, Cruella is one of the main Disney villains called the Overtakers, and their plan is to take over all of the Disney parks. (at night, all of the characters and attractions in Disney World and Disneyland come to life) Cruella is the Evil Queen's right-hand woman and a nuisance. She was not as dangerous and scary as Chernabog, Jafar, Judge Claude Frollo, the Evil Queen, Ursula, and Maleficent, but she was still dangerous. She threatened to burn one of the Kingdom Keeper kids' face with a cigarette.

Once Upon A Time

Main article: Cruella De Vil (Once Upon a Time)

Cruella is a character in Once Upon a Time, where she appears as one of the four main antagonists in the second half of season 4. The character later appears in the latter half of season 5, which primarily takes place in the Underworld. She was portrayed by Victoria Smurfit.

101 Dalmatians Comic Strip

Cruella also appears as the main antagonist, and still want the puppies, but in some episode, she seems to be nicer then evil, because at the finale of the series she finally redeemed herself by being loved by everybody. It is revealed that she has a brother, mother, cousin and niece.


Main article: Cruella De Vil (Descendants)

Cruella was banished to the Isle of the Lost with other villains and their offspring, she had a son named Carlos De Vil, and she is African American and was portrayed by Wendy Raquel Robinson.

Family Guy

In a deleted scene of Family Guy, while Peter and Lois are in a pet store, they realize that they need help finding what they're looking for. Peter turns around and asks a woman just off screen if she works there. The camera pans in Cruella's direction, revealing that it's her. She replies with "No, no I don't."

In another episode, during a dream, Stewie gave his opinion on Glenn Close's performance as Cruella in the live action 101 Dalmatians film.

Robot Chicken

In a Robot Chicken skit, the Radcliffes come to the realization that they are not fit to handle all of the dogs, especially considering they breed with each other (doubling their numbers). It ends with them putting all of the dogs into the back of Cruella's truck, where they apologize and she tells them "everyone's the hero of their own story".

102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue

In 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue, Cruella sets up a toy factory next to De Vil Manor. She had fallen in love with Professor Farzboom, who was having trouble selling his toys. This causes Cruella to suspect that it's because people are spending too much money on animals, so she uses his creations to take actions. She ends up being the final boss of the game. She ends up being defeated when thrown into a vat of Super Glop, and is arrested. She is doomed to be stuck in the goop with the Professor for the next twenty years.

Escape from DeVil Manor

In Escape from DeVil Manor, the plot is that two of the puppies are trying to escape Cruella's childhood home. Throughout the game, there are Easter eggs that reveal secrets of Cruella's past. She ends up chasing them in the final battle, where she ends up being defeated and arrested.

Children's Party at the Palace

Cruella appears as the main antagonist of Children's Party at the Palace. Here, she is the leader of the Baddies (consisting of Burglar Bill, The Grand High Witch, Pirate Queen and the Child Catcher) and seeks to ruin the Queen's birthday celebration.

Other Video Games

Cruella has made a handful of appearances in a variety of video games. These include Animated StoryBook: 101 Dalmatians, Disney Sorcerer's Arena, Disney Universe, Disney Infinity, and Disney Villains Challenge.


  • Cruella is ranked #39 on AFI's list "100 Years...100 Heroes and Villains".
  • She is ranked #6 in the Top 30 Disney Villains.
  • Cruella is not only one of the most iconic and popular villains in the Disney franchise, but also one of the most iconic villains of all time and become one of the primarily members of the Disney Villains franchise.
  • Cruella De Vil was originally meant to return as the villain of The Rescuers, but was scrapped and replaced with Madame Medusa, as Ollie Johnson stated that it felt wrong and that he was never interested in making a full-length sequel to an otherwise unrelated movie around that era. Plus Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmatians has nothing to do with The Rescuers, and both films already have sequels.
  • Cruella De Vil is one of the few Disney Villains who did not appear in the Kingdom Hearts series, despite their worlds or other characters from their films appearing in the games, others being Abis Mal, Emperor Zurg (although he was mentioned in Kingdom Hearts III) and Yokai. However, she did get a limited edition costume based on her in Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ / Union χ.
  • Walt Disney originally had Lisa Davis read the role of Cruella. However, she did not think that she was right for the part and wanted to try to read the role of Anita. Disney agreed with her after the two of them read the script for a second time.
  • Cruella's car is featured as a diecast toy manufactured by Hot Wheels.
  • Cruella is pictured on one of the 10 USA non-denominated commemorative postage stamps celebrating "Disney Villains", issued as a pane of 20 stamps on July 15, 2017. The set was issued in a single sheet of 20 stamps. The price of each stamp on day of issue was 49 cents. The other villains depicted in this issue are the Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Honest John from Pinocchio, Lady Tremaine from Cinderella, the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland, Captain Hook from Peter Pan, Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty, Ursula from The Little Mermaid, Gaston from Beauty and the Beast, and Scar from The Lion King.
  • In the Latin Spanish dub of 101 Dalmatian Street her voice is provided by the Mexican dubbing actress Yolanda Vidal who previously voiced Glenn Close's Cruella De Vil from the 1996 live action version.


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102 Dalmatians: Cruella De Vil | Jean-Pierre Le Pelt | Alonzo
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Cruella: Cruella De Vil | Jasper and Horace | Baroness von Hellman

101 Dalmatians: The Series: Cruella De Vil | Ivy De Vil | Judge Dimsdale De Vil | Jasper & Horace Badun
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Be Careful What You Wish Fur: Cruella De Vil

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