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They call me Cry Baby Cry Baby, but i don't fucking care
~ Cry Baby in the song

Cry Baby seem like an sweet little girl at first, actually same if her house seem like a dream family house, she wasn't born in a loving house like every children grow up, her mother was always drunk and her father always sleeping in her mother back with other woman, her brother was always on drunk and stare at wall. She saw her mother killed her father when she was drunk again after she find out he sleep with other woman, she was traumatized by that and did not stop crying, one day when she go to a fair she see a boy on the carousel and flirt with him, unfortunately he doesn't care much about her, so, she spell "Fuck you" with cube when she see he doesn't like her.

She meet a other boy at the park and fall for him too, she decided to invite him and her friends to her birthday, unfortunately nobody wanted to come to her birthday, that make her angry and spiteful about people. One day when she go to the grocery store, she see a ice cream truck with a ice cream wolf man, who offer her a ice cream and kidnapped her to bring her to his house and make cookies for him, that's where she used the poison bottle the cashier give her, and put it in the mixture after it she offer the cookies to the ice cream wolf man and escaped after killing him.