Cryptic Chameleon

The Cryptic Chameleon is a supervillain that Miguel made in his comicbook and the main antagonist of the episode The Adventures of Rabbit Bird Man from the show Maya and Miguel.


In the comic The Adventures of the Rabbit Rabbit Bird Man, the Cryptic Chameleon uses his chamelfloug powers to sneak past security and into a soccer stadium to steal the championship trophy. On the night when the game started, the Rabbit Birdman arrives at the stadium and uses his binoculars to find the Cryptic Chameleon, who was trying to escape but ran into a wall. As the Rabbit Birdman was about to capture him, the Cryptic Chameleon uses his tongue to throw at net at him, leaving him tied up in it. Miguel left the rest of his comic book unfinished because he got sick, so he left the comic to his sister and his friends to finish, who all came up with their own ideas to finish the story.

Tito's Version

In Tito's version, Tito is a professional soccer player who helps the Rabbit Birdman escape by kicking a soccerball at the net he was trapped, causing the net to fly into the air and land on top of the Cryptic Chameleon.

Chrissy and Maggie's Version

In Chrissy and Maggie's version, both of them are famous pop singers who sing a song that the Cryptic Chameleon hears, making him have a change of heart as he says he wants to be a dancer instead of villain and goes back to the stadium to free the Rabbit Birdman. He then gives back the trophy and gives the Rabbit Birdman a hug.

Theo's Version

In Theo's version, Theo is a robot superhero who frees the Rabbit Birdman and teams up with him to take down the Cryptic Chameleon. Both superheroes find the Cryptic Chameleon in an airfield where attempts to escape on an airplane. Theo shot a beam at him that prevented him from moving and took the trophy back from him.

Maya's Version

In Maya's version, she has Tito, Chrissy, Maggie, and Theo in it as their previous roles in the story. In her story, Tito, Chrissy and Maggie calls to Robotheo who helps the Rabbit Birdman escape