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Cryptids are an antagonistic species of the Extinction game mode in Call of Duty: Ghosts. They were released from below Colorado following the events of Ghosts Stories.

In Call of Duty: Infinity Warfare, the Cryptids are alluded in the Zombies game mode, and appear as one of the enemy kinds in the final map, The Beast from Beyond.



The Cryptids originated prior to the dinosaurs, whilr Earth was a immense planet of gas and fumes. The skies were colored black from unnumbered volcanic eruptions. At some point, a comet set the oxygen to fire from the atmosphere, provoking a devastating fire storm that burned all life on the surface of the earth. The Cryptids anticipated this catastrophe, and formed an ark to ensure their survival of the ancient apocalypse in an underground cave below area that is today Colorado. When the Federation took the control of the ODIN satellite to strike the Southern States with this, this unearthed Cryptids at Colorado in the process, and the creatures killed all individuals at the surrounding area.

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