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Crystal is the main antagonist in the 2011 direct-to-DVD animated Barbie film, Barbie: A Fairy Secret. She is a fairy who is one of Princess Graciella's assistants.

She is voiced by Brittney Wilson, who also voiced Delancy Devin in Barbie: Princess Charm School.


Barbie: A Fairy Secret

Crystal is first seen at the premiere of Barbie's newest movie. She speaks to Carrie and Taylor after she sees them using magic to repair Barbie's dress. Crystal then takes some photos for Princess Graciella and shows them to her. At first, she is uninterested, stating it is just a 'human movie premiere'. After she then sips from a goblet, causing her eyes to turn purple and she soon falls in love with Ken.

Unbeknownst to the fairy princess, Crystal had given her a love potion because she has a crush on Prince Zane, who is Graciella's boyfriend, and wants him to fall out of love with the princess. She is present when Graciella and her fairy assistants kidnapping Ken and her plan seems to succeed.

Later on, she is present when Prince Zane appears and swoons over him before the trial begins. She also opposes Barbie and her friends upon their arrival into the palace. Ultimately her plan backfired when Barbie and Raquelle snatched the reverse love potion from her, breaking the love spell and reuniting Graciella and Zane. After Ken is freed and Graciella comes to her senses, she realizes that Crystal had betrayed her.

Crystal is forced to clean up the entire palace right after the wedding reception as punishment for her cruel deeds after Princess Graciella and Prince Zane get married on their wedding day.


Crystal appears to be a kind, supportive, and nice fairy, which willing to serve her princess. But in reality she is a vindictive, rude, and selfish fairy who will going to extreme means to get what she wants.


  • She is the second Barbie villainess who being punishing by forced to clean up, the first being Odile from Barbie of Swan Lake, and the third being Princess Malucia from Barbie and the Secret Door.


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