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When I was pregnant with you, it was strange you were different. They wanted me to terminate, but I wouldn't. And you're right, I don't understand you. And I never will.
~ Crystal to Julian
He's coming after me next, and I have no one left to protect me. I know after your father I said I'd never ask you again, please Julian just this once. Take care of this for me, don't let him hurt me.
~ Crystal manipulating Julian

Crystal Thompson is the main antagonist of 2013 crime film Only God Forgives. She is the mother of Billy and Julian, she seeks revenge against Lt. Chang for killing her son.

She was portrayed by Kristin Scott Thomas who later portrayed Ana Miller in 2018 movie Tomb Raider and Mrs. Danvers in the 2020 remake of Rebecca.


Billy's Murder

Billy and Julian are American expatriate brothers who own a Muay Thai Boxing club in Bangkok as a front for drug dealing. Julian is quiet but Billy, his older brother, is more impulsive. One night, he rapes and kills an underaged prostitute and after being cornered by the police, Lt. Chang, allows the prostitute's father, Choi Yan Lee to beat him to death, after this, Chang cuts Choi's hand with his sword to stop him from prostituting his other daughters. When Julian hears of Billy's death, he looks for Choi and after interrogating him and knowing the reason behind the murder, he lets him live.

Crystal arrives

Julian and Billy's mother, Crystal, arrives to Bangkok after hearing of her first-born son's death, he meets with Julian, who appears submissive in front of her, he asks Julian if he killed Billy's murderer, when Julian tells her the truth that he believes it was justified, she scolds him, believing it to be an offense to her and his brother. Crystal takes the matter on her own hands and gets Choi killed, later she discovers of Chang's involvement and meets with Byron a rival drug dealer and makes a deal with him to put out a hit on Chang.

The police arrive to the boxing club looking for Julian but Chang concludes that he didn't murdered Choi, Julian recognizes Chang from visions he had been having and follows him, but Chang disappears into thin air before Julian could catch up to him.

Julian, Mai and Crystal

Julian decides to present Mai, his favorite prostitute, to his mother as his girlfriend, Crystal however, sees through the ruse and repeatedly insults Mai as well as Julian, calling him inferior in every way, even sexual to Billy, and claiming that Julian was always jealous of him, Julian shows passive at this and when later confronted by Mai about this, he takes it all on her, humiliating her by making her remove her dress on the way home.

That night, two gunmen arrive to a local restaurant where Chang is having dinner with his men and open fire against them all, resulting in many killed customers, Chang kills one of the attackers and pursues and apprehends the other, he leads them to Li Po, a man who arranges assassination contracts to provide for his disabled son, Chang spares Li Po and kills the attacker instead.

Chang later on finds Byron at a nightclub and tortures him until he reveals who ordered the hit, after blinding him, Byron reveals that Crystal ordered the hit.

Wanna Fight?

Julian finds Chang at a karaoke with his men, where he confronts him and challenges him to a fight on his boxing venue, Chang is revealed to be an experienced boxer and brutally beats up Julian without him being able to lay a single blow, midst fight, Crystal arrives and Chang notices her, deducing she is the one who ordered the hit before knocking out Julian.

After the fight, Crystal tells Julian, Chang has figured it out and will come to kill her, she manipulates him by pleading to him to protect her and kill Chang, here it is revealed that Crystal had previously asked Julian to kill his own father, she then promises that after he kills Chang, they'll return to America and she'll be a true mother to him, Julian agrees.

The Final Confrontation

The next day after Chang leaves his household, Julian and one of his men, Charlie, appear and take out Chang's men guarding the house, then they wait for Chang to return, however Charlie tells him that Crystal ordered him to take out all of Chang's family, Julian seems thoughtful. Meanwhile, Chang and his men find Crystal at her hotel, Chang's men interrogate her and she blames Julian for everything claiming that he alone killed his father and that's why he had to leave America, she calls him "dangerous" and finally claims to never have had any contact with him since he left his homeland. Chang hears this and then reveals to her and takes out his sword, then proceeds to slit Crystal throat's with it.

At Chang's house, his daughter and her nanny return home, Charlie kills the nanny but Julian kill Charlie before he can kill the daughter, having a change of heart, he then leaves the house and visit's Crystal hotel room, only to find her dead, he then cuts open her abdomen and sticks his hands inside the wound.

Finally he waits at Mai's club for Chang to find him and willingly give in, he is last seen presenting both of his hands to Chang on a field before he cuts both of them.


  • Crystal was modelled after William Shakespeare's character Lady Macbeth and Fashion Designer Donatella Versace.
  • Kristin Scott Thomas has said that she finds this movie very disturbing and hard to watch.
  • Kristin Scott Thomas was cast for this role since 2011.
  • Crystal has the most lines in the film.


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