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Cthulhu is a villain and playable character from Pray for Death.


Cthulhu is a cosmic demigod and one of the Great Ancients. Once upon a time, while traveling the known universe he accidentally got stranded on Earth due to a malfunction on his navigational systems, during a time when the highly advanced Atlantean civilization inhabited it. The Atlanteans merely ignore him, despite recognizing him as one of the Ancients, and because of this, he decided that Earth and all who lived on it should be destroyed.

Retreating to the Arctic wastes, Cthulhu recruits many evil Atlanteans and creates a worshipping sect with the ultimate goal of mankind's destruction. After ages of preparation, he marches with his highly trained soldiers into Atlantis, beginning a bloody battle, and even though he suffers a mortal blow his plans work out as expected, as Atlantis is left in ruins as a result of the battle and it's people eventually disappear after a few years.

With his immortal soul now residing on Limbo, he watched as Atlantis fell but also saw as mankind arose from its ashes, once again flourishing on Earth. Upon receiving Death's invitation for his tournament Cthulhu accepts to enter, finally deciding it was time to return to Earth and bring about its end.

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