Bwahahahaha, Everything's going according to plan...People love Cthulhu.
~ Cthulhu
You foolish mortals, I have come for your SOULS!
~ Cthulhu upon conquering the world

Cthulhu was a minor character of the Nostalgia Critic's review of the Shyamalan film, Devil and main antagonist of Nostalgia Critic review of the movie Fantastic Four.


At the end of the review, after the Critic and Satan escaped the elevator by jumping from it, the scene cuts to Rita's lifeless corpse. The corpse's eyes suddenly shoot open, and Rita gave a wicked smile. She then transformed herself into the Great Old One Cthulhu himself, and he says that his plan was almost complete. The scene ends with him laughing maniacally, and then saying that people loved him. It's unknown what his master plan was.

Although it is speculated his plan might have been to get people obssessed with him, thus making him even stronger through people's belief. Similar to a Tulpa.

Fantastic Four

And in his review of Fantastic Four, the Critic is once again threatened by Cthulhu. His brother Rob rushes in and yells "Guys, Cthulhu has risen and is taking over the world!" and Cthulhu is shown, this time double the height of a skyscraper, demolishing Chicago. His plan is finally revealed. The Critic, Tamara and Malcolm are dismissive of this, with Tamara saying "Yeah, he'll probably be a better ruler" and Malcolm says "Yeah, people love Cthulhu." However, Rob says that after destroying humanity, Cthulhu will come for them, which galvanizes Malcolm to challenge Cthulhu. He turns Cthulhu into the head of the final boss of Hong Kong 97.


Unlike the typical representation of Cthulhu that normally depict him as being as large as a mountain, this version of Cthulhu was simply just a man in a cloak wearing a not too convincing squid mask.

However in the Fantastic Four review, Cthulhu was now terrifically huge, about two thousand feet high, demolishing an entire city. He comically wore a black suit, possibly indicating he was running for President.