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The Cuban Military are an antagonistic organization from the 2018 video Game Red Dead Redemption II. led by Alberto Fusar.


In Chapter 5, the Army has found the Van der Linde gang and they arrested, one man named Levi Simon he is Fusar's right hand man, one Rebel named Hercule Fontaine he shoots to the Army and he frees the Van der Linde gang, the Army shoots Javier and he is captured. Arthur follow Dutch to the cave, the both frees Javier and they run away. Arthur is in the trap he is captured in the Army, one man named Angel he is Fusar's interrogator. he torture Arthur, Leon and Baptiste, Arthur beats up Angel and he frees both of them. The Army terrorizing Guarma, the Van der Linde gang saves Captain and he shoots Levi Simon, Alberto Fusar tries to shoot the Van der Linde gang.


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