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Cubi also is known as Pathetic Employee, is the main serial-killer of the online video game Cubi-Kill series.


Cubi appears to be a bald, tall, white man that in a yellow shirt with a green tie. He also appears to be wearing gray trousers and black shoes.



At the 5 P.M, Cubi was finishing his work as usual. Until his boss came around telling him to work overtime. Cubi became very angry because of this, but his computer reviewed a system failure, which made Cubi furious. Because of Cubi's rage, Cubi stood up, totally demolishing his computer with his bare hands. Once Cubi broked the computer, he takes his pistol out of his table, killing ten of his colleagues. Cubi then gets caught in jail.

Cubikill 2

Eventually, Cubi gets out of prison, trying to re-create his life from the massacre he made. But he got fired from his new job for looking at pornography on his computer. His boss sent him to the secretary. Everything was fine, until out of nowhere Cubi took a lighter and a spray, killing the secretary woman going on a new rampage.

After killing her, he then went into an employee's office. The employee was listening to music, chilling. Until Cubi took the bosses shot-gun killing him instantly. After Cubi went into the bathroom closet, finding another one of the employees taking a dump. Cubi opens the door, shooting the employee instantly. Cubi then goes to kill the cleaner with a nail-gun.

Eventually, Cubi enters the bosses office, instantly killing him as well with the gun. After Cubi went to the cafeteria finding two employees sitting and talking, which escalates in Cubi killing them as well. In the end, Cubi enters the meeting room, where he kills more four people and escapes the building by running into the exit doors.

Cubikill 3

After making his second massacre, Cubi joins the Asylym after years, he didn't make any red flags. Until the boss gave Cubi much work that the work made him forget to focus on his video games. Cubi appears instantly at the important boss. Cubi takes all of the objects that he can use in killing his victims, the boss being the first.

Cubi then enters his college's office, killing him as well. After Cubi went to the cafeteria, finding a female's employes son, sitting in the cafeteria waiting for his mother. Cubi couldn't resist to kill him. After killing the boy, Cubi went to the bathroom, finding the cleaner, killing him instantly.

After killing the cleaner, Cubi found another employee, sitting on her computer, as she looks at Cubi killing her. Cubi then finds the boy's mother and kills her as well. Cubi at the end kills more three male employees and one female.


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