Culluh was a 24th century Kazon leader featured in the first three seasons of Star Trek: Voyager.


By the early 2370s Culluh had risen to the leadership of the Kazon-Nistrim, which had been one of the most violent sects in the Kazon collective. Culluh, however, was a poor leader and the sect lost much prestige as its numbers and strength slipped away.

In 2371 Culluh saw a chance to regain power in the collective when the Federation ship Voyager appeared in the Delta Quadrant. Working with the Cardassian spy Seska he sought to obtain Federation technology which would upset the balance of power in the quadrant. When Seska was found out by the Voyager crew, she beamed about Culluh's ship and soon became his lover.

Seska soon became pregnant with Culluh's child at about the same time she took her former lover Chakotay's DNA and attempted to impregnate herself with it. By late 2372 her child had been born.

Culluh and his sect were able to capture Voyager briefly. While Culluh's men had control of Voyager the Doctor confirmed her child was not Chakotay's son, but Culluh's instead. Seska died when the ship was retaken. Culluh took his infant son and abandoned Voyager. Voyager soon moved beyond Kazon space, and never encountered Culluh again for the rest of their journey home.

After leaving Voyager Culluh named his son Sessen. Culluh told his son stories about Voyager. Sessen would grow up with a strong dislike of the Voyager crew, blaming them for the death of his mother. By the early 25th century Sessan succeeded his father as leader of the Kazon-Nistrim.