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The Cult Leader is the main human antagonist in Dead Space 3: Awakened. He was a member of Jacob Danik's Circle and is now the leader of a new Unitologist cult.

After the death of Jacob Danik and the destruction of the Tau Volantis Brethren Moon, the Unitologists are seemingly contacted by the other Brethren Moons and are recalled to the CMS Terra Nova. There, a group of Unitologists went off to form a new Church made not of brick and mortar but of "flesh and blood," and that the moons were coming and are "hungry". One anonymous individual became the leader and prophet of this new cult. He and the other survivors began to ritualistically mutilate themselves, sawing off body parts as offerings to the moons.

When Isaac and Carver arrive on the Terra Nova, they both experience hallucinations in which they see the Cult Leader mutilating people and several other hallucinations throughout the ship. The Cult Leader seems to act as the voice of the moons, taunting Isaac and causing him to doubt whether going back to Earth is the right thing to do. During these hallucinations, the Cult Leader displays supernatural abilities such as immunity to physical harm and teleportation. After Isaac gets the ShockPoint Drive, Isaac makes his way to the reactor of the Terra Nova to destroy it, convinced that was the way to protect Earth. On his way, the Cult Leader appears in a final hallucination and during the ensuing fight, Isaac and Carver discover the Cult Leader cam be harmed if one of the Markers in the field is destroyed. After destroying three Markers and defeating the Cult Leader, Isaac and Carver's connections to the moons are broken, but the Cult Leader still warns them that their chance to warn Earth has come and gone. After that, the player can either shoot and kill the Cult Leader or leave him be, earning the player a trophy depending on their choice. If the player leaves the Cult Leader be, then it's unknown what happens to him afterward as the ship makes its way back to earth. Either way, the Cult Leader's words come to pass as when Isaac and Carver arrive at Earth, they find that the moons have already beaten them there.

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