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The Cult Leader is a minor antagonist in the 2017 psychological horror film mother!

He was portrayed by Stephen McHattie.


After complaining to Him about how she feels out of love with him because of how he would crave the love of his followers, Him kisses mother and the two conceive a child. At that point, the house began to become more psychotic with people engaging in all forms of evil ranging from slavery, prostitution, murder, and warfare. This all culminates with the birth of Him and mother's son. When Him demands that he present his son to the crowds, mother abjectively refuses. The two proceed to look at each other sternly until mother eventually falls asleep. She awakens to find that , to her horror, her son was missing and glances over at Him handing the baby to the crowd. Mother tries to push her way through the flood of people, only to hear her baby's neck snap because of the irresponsible people.

Horrified, mother wrestles her way through the crowd and encounter a cult leader. The cult leader gently places his hands on her shoulders, assuring her that her baby wasn't dead, but that he was communicating with everyone from within the ground in reference to the speech Him made to Man and Woman when their Younger Son was murdered and their elder son banished. She frees herself from the cult leader's grasps, and races towards a table that was surrounded by the cult leader's followers. She sees the grizzly image of her son's butchered body and that he was being consumed by the followers as a part of a ritual. Enraged, mother grabs a glass shard and slaughters several people. However, her vengeance is cut short when the cult leader hits her squarely on the head, and she is overcome by the crowd of people. Him arrives to save his wife, and suggests that they forgive the people despite the fact that they had murdered and cannibalized his son.

Finally pushed past her limit, mother goes into the basement and ignites a fire using Man's lighter from earlier. The house is completely consumed by the fire, killing everyone within it sans Him.



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