The Cult of Aku is an all-female dark cult dedicated to the worship of Aku. They are major antagonists in season 5 of Samurai Jack.


All of the members wear black cloaks with identical masks concealing their faces. They also wear headdresses that resemble Aku's horns.


The cult raised and trained the 7 Daughters of Aku after they were birthed by the High Priestess with the help of a small fragment of Aku. The cult instilled in the daughters the belief that the weak have no place in the world.

Once the daughters' brutal training was almost complete, the High Priestess instructed the daughters to kill the other cult members to finish their training. Once they were finished, the daughters were sent out by the High Priestess to assassinate Samurai Jack, with the High Priestess hoping that Aku would present himself to the cult again once Samurai Jack was defeated.

It is presumed that with the past Aku's destruction, Aku's very cult ceases to exist in the future after Jack and Ashi altered the timeline.


  • High Priestess - Leader (deceased)
  • Several other female cult members (deceased)
  • Daughters of Aku (all of them, deceased and erased from existence)
    • Ashi (former member, erased from existence)
    • Avi (killed by Jack, erased from existence)
    • Ami (killed by Jack, erased from existence)
    • Aki (killed by Jack, erased from existence)
    • 3 other daughters (killed by Jack, erased from existence)



  • The Cult of Aku is a strange phenomenon in the Samurai Jack franchise since everyone in the world and the universe fear, hate, and despise Aku due to his massive cruelty, brutality, and tyranny. It is unknown why the cult worships a demonic entity like Aku. As Aku seemingly entered into a depressed semi-reclusion some time in the last 50 years and is unaware of the cult, it seems that his absence might have inspired reactionaries.
    • It is revealed in "Episode C" that Aku did indeed visited the cult once, and gave them a portion of himself as "blessing".
    • Furthermore, after bestowing them his essence, Aku addresses the Cult as "Daughters of Aku" when he permitted them to worship him.
  • The High Priestess was shown to be an archer among her cultists, so it was unknown why she did not train the Daughters of Aku herself.


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