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The Cult of Gozer, also known as the Gozer Worshippers (as Peter Venkmen jokingly guessed and answered), also sometimes known as the "Gozerian Society", the "Gozer Cult", the "Gozerian Cult" and the "Gozerians", is a powerful and religious organization of men and women dedicated to the worship of Gozer, the ancient Sumerian god which they believed was to return to one day destroy and remake the world. The Cult was mentioned in the first Ghostbusters movie and become a major threat in Ghostbusters: The Video Game. Despite its power, the cult itself is but a tool for its unscrupulous leader Ivo Shandor.

The original Gozer Worshippers, known as the "Gozerians" first appeared in Mesopotamia around 6000 B.C. By the 4th millennium B.C., and they were large Sumerian subculture and was engaged in a long, protracted "holy" war with worshippers of another pagan deity Tiamat. Eventually Gozer's followers were dissolved upon defeated by their mortal foes and Tiamat banished Gozer to another dimension.

Though Gozer fell into relative obscurity and yet not forgotten over the subsequent millennia, it was that in the year 1920, a new cult of Gozer worshipers was founded by Ivo Shandor, an insane genius who, during his lifetime and because of his fascination with the occult, made all the preparations needed for his god to come. The members of the cult included close to a thousand followers, whose "priesthood" included a many very wealthy and powerful people in New York. One of those hazy preparations for Gozer constructing a portal which would eventually bring forth the Destructer, and four "sacred" places chosen to contain a Mandala to channel the spirit force, powering their god's Destructor form. The cult studied the ghosts very carefully, and had many knowledges which surpassed their time.

In 1984, during the time of the Gozer's coming, all the cult members were already dead. However, their spirits were still active on Earth, thanks to the Black Slime, a powerful substance they created from a captured Sloar. The Black Slime boosted the powers of their spirits, allowing them to operate the Mandalas and patiently wait until their god will bring new, post-Gozerian era to the Earth.

However, the mighty Gozer was defeated by the Ghostbusters, ruining the Cult's plan for a new world. The now-undead Cult planned a second coming of Gozer, which succeeded in the year 1991. However, the god was banished and defeated by the Ghostbusters. This lead Ivo Shandor to reconsider his dream, activating the four Mandalas and channeling the spirit force to the Cult's secret holy ground, the Cemetery in Central Park. Disappointed in his God, Ivo Shandor planned to power himself with the amassed spirit energy as well as the blood sacrifice of his living descendant Dr. Ilyssa Sewelyn, intended for Gozer and become a mighty Destructor himself. However, he was stopped by the Ghostbusters. This was finally the end of the dark legacy of the Gozer Worshippers as well as of Ivo Shandor and of Gozer.


The Cult of Gozer once consisted of many prominent people of wealth and power. However, the Cult reached its true form when all of them died, re-emerging as evil ghosts. The majority of the immortal Gozerian Cultists' powers were boosted by the Black Slime, which is the source of most of their power. However, some of them is enough powerful on their own.

  • Ivo Shandor - The legendary architect, inventor, paranormal genius, and homicidal madman. He is the supreme leader and founder of the Cult of Gozer.
  • Edmund Hoover - Also known as Azetlor, this high-ranking cult member become a keeper of the library's Mandala. He was the one who discovered the secrets of Gozerian lore from the library, and now rules a twisted ghostly version of it.
  • Cornelius Wellesly - A high-ranking cult member who is the keeper of the museum's Mandala. He once was a powerful tycoon.
  • The Spider Witch - True name unknown. A serial killer who acted under Ivo Shandor's commands, and a high-ranking member of the Cult. Now she is a keeper of the hotel's Mandala, and a powerful, spider-like ghost.
  • Black Slime Monsters - The most powerful of Black Slime-dependent ghostly cultists. They were once a wealthy, powerful people that are transformed by the Black Slime.
  • Black Slime Ghosts - Souls of the Gozerian Cultists whose existence is completely bound to the Black Slime.
  • Black Slime Fiends - The lower-ranking cultists re-emerged with the help of Black Slime, becoming transmutated mindless minions.


  • Cultists - The ghosts of powerful cult members. Powerful beings on their own, but still minions of Ivo Shandor. The Cultists, also known as the "Gozerian Cultists" and the "Gozer Worshippers", are the very ghostly reincarnations of the same members of the Cult of Gozer. These lesser Gozer Worshippers still hold devotion to their deity Gozer.
    • Cultist Summoners - The ghosts of powerful high class cultist members who possess summoning magical abilities. They are the minions of Ivo Shandor. These elite Gozer Worshippers, like the lesser Gozerian Cultists, still hold devotion to their deity Gozer.

Related Terms

  • Black Slime - The main source of the Gozerian Cultists' power. It originally appears everywhere the ghost world collides with ours. The cultists were able to mass-produce it using the captured Sloar. Many of the Cultists's ghostly reincarnations are dependent on this slime.
  • Black Slime Portals - The supernatural portals which are conduits of immense psychokinetic energy and doorways between dimensions, were created from the Black Slime itself. Each of these vortexes were used by not only spirits, but also other ghosts controlled by Ivo Shandor and the Cult of Gozer.
  • w:c:evil:Central Park's Cult Cemetery - A secret graveyard in Central Park that was built and consecrated as the Gozer Worshippers' very own "hallowed grounds" for their honored dead. It is also where Ivo Shandor's Mausoleum is located.
  • Church of Gozer Songbook - A songbook belonged to one of the sects of the Cult of Gozer.
  • Gozerian Alphabet - An esoteric alphabet created by the Gozerian Society as their "language", to chant in their rituals and to create summoning spells.
  • Gozerian Codex - The mystical spellbook belonged to the Gozer Worshippers.
  • Gozerian Servitors - Undead beings created by Gozer from the essence of dead enitties and remnants of destroyed worlds.
  • Mood Slime - A special variant of ectoplasm created by Ivo Shandor from the Black Slime. It has an ability to open rifts to ghost world. Also could bring objects to life and be infused by both positive and negative energy. Comes in different colors.
  • The Mandala

    Mandala - A powerful form of magic that focuses spirit energy and empowers Gozer's destructor form. Later used to empower Ivo Shandor himself. There were a total of 4 Mandalas in New York.
  • Sloars - Beings from another plane of existence, this race of massive creatures were captured by the Gozerian Cult and used to mass-produce the Black Slime. They also served as the Mandala guardians.
  • The w:c:evil:Temple of Gozer:Temple of Gozer

    Temple of Gozer - The sacred shrine of Gozer, the chief deity of the Cult of Gozer themselves.



  • In IDW Comics' Ghostbusters, it is revealed that at least one faction alone splintered from the main Cult of Gozer and its remnants formed the Temple of the Divine Father, dedicated to the worship of Gozer's father, Koza'Rai. The Temple of the Divine Father was active in the year 1953 A.D. and facilitated the birth of Koza'Rai's half demon child Rachel Unglighter, the mortal twin of Senta.
  • On page 21 of Ghostbusters Issue #6, part of the seal of the Cult of Gozer can be seen in the comic book's cover, and the whole insignia of the Gozer Worshippers is based on a T-shirt design.
  • On page 19 of Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #12, the Cult of Gozer emblem appears behind the Ghost Smashers team's crooked founder Ron Alexander.
  • On page 8 of Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #15, Kylie Griffin alludes to the mysterious Cult of Gozer.
  • On Ivo Shandor's Ghostbusters: The Board Game Character Cards, the Gozer Worshippers cult was mentioned.
  • In Ghostbusters Annual 2017, on page 41, the gathered well-known Gozer Worshippers are the Spider Witch (below and on the left side of the Chairman), the Chairman, Ivo Shandor (green on robe), and Edmund Hoover (on the right side of Shandor).


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