The Cult of Hades is a cult founded by Prokopion. They serve as supporting antagonists in the 2010 film Clash of the Titans.


After some Argos soldiers destroyed a statue of Zeus, Hades appears in the palace of King Cepheus and declares that he will send the Kraken to destroy Argos in ten days, unless they sacrifice the princess Andromeda. Therefore, Prokopion decides to establish the Cult of Hades and many citizens of Argo join him, driven by fear.

One day, Andromeda secretly goes to hand out food to the poor people in the city and sees a crowd gathered in Hades's temple where Prokopion makes a speech to convince them that they must pray Hades and sacrifice the princess. He then burns his own arm and the crowd acclaims him.

The tenth day, the cult members led by Prokopion go to the palace to capture Andromeda and they manage to overwhelm the guards. The princess surrenders to them and they forcibly take her to their temple where they tie her up to be sacrificed. Shortly after, they see the Kraken coming and starting to ravage the city, however the demigod Perseus arrives on the back of Pegasus with Medusa's head and is attacked by the Harpies of Hades. Perseus finally falls in the temple and the cult members attack him, but he easily repels them and uses the head to turn the Kraken into stone. Some debris of one of his hands fall on the temple, causing a lot of damages and crushing several people, including Prokopion.


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