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The Cult of the Mothman are a major posthumous antagonistic group in Fallout 76 and later serve as a major hostile faction in 76’s Wastelanders update. They are a group of delusional, insane, and fanatical wastelanders that worship the strange cryptic creatures known as Mothmen.


The Cult of the Mothman, as their name suggests, are a fanatical group that worship the creatures known as Mothmen, giant mutated moths possessing supernatural abilities, such as teleportation. Throughout the storylines of Beckett and Sofia Daguerre the Vault 76 dweller comes at odds with the Cult with them being openly hostile anyone who doesn't support their religion. During Daguerre's storyline the Dweller is sent to recover a crate containing emergency protocols which has come into possession of the Cult at their camp in Clancy Manor, and later when the Dweller is sent to destroy a rogue U.S.S.A Robobrain it is found fighting the Cult at their camp the Moth Home. During Beckett's storyline Beckett and the Dweller attempt to gather Beckett's old allies to help them fight the Blood Eagles, Beckett first sends the Dweller to the Cult's camp, Blake's Offering to save his friend Sage. Later the Dweller is sent to another Cultist base, the Ingram Mansion to kill Bronx, a rogue Raider who betrayed the raider gang of Edwin, one of Beckett's friends. Later the Dweller is sent to yet another Cultist base, Johnson's Acre to save Edwin's pet Mole Rat Noodles. Besides that, unmarked effigies and even Cultist patrols can be encountered in a number of places throughout Appalachia, Cultist also work closely with Mothmen, with them being located at Cultist bases on rare occasion and even encountered at unmarked effigies or as part of Cultist patrols on rare occasion.

Known Members


  • Brother Charles (mentioned)
  • Jeff Lane (mentioned)
  • Brother Moncrief (deceased)
  • Rich Wilson (mentioned)


  • Bronx
  • Roland (mentioned)
  • Sage (briefly)


  • Mothmen
  • The Interloper
  • The Visitor (possibly)


  • Cultist
  • Cultist prospect
  • Cultist seeker
  • Cultist disciple
  • Cultist elder
  • Cultist ascender
  • Cultist awoken
  • Cultist chosen
  • Cultist wrathwing
  • Cultist prophet

Camps and bases

  • Point Pleasant and the Mothman Museum
  • Lucky Hole Mine
  • Blake's Offering
  • Moth Home
  • Johnson's Acre
  • Clancy Manor
  • Ingram Mansion
  • Kanawha County Cemetery
  • Sacrament
  • Landview Lighthouse (formerly)
  • Helvetia (formerly)



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