Cupid is one of the Hunters and a major human antagonist in the Extinctioners universe - she is partnered with Trojan and like all Hunters has access to advanced weaponry as part of the Invasion Force , yet seems to prefer tracking her prey down using a bow and arrow.

Cupid may not appear very threatening at first glance but her weapon choice is actually rather brutal (as the creator of Extinctioners once remarked) - although not much else is known about her as the Hunters have still to fully interact with the Extinctioners as a group.

Cupid herself made her debut appearance in issue 13.

Cupid takes her name from the Greek god of love, who is often depicted in the modern age as a cherub-like being with a bow and arrow.

Due to the fact humans can not survive long on Alden Cupid has likely been mutated in order to adapt to Alden's otherwise deadly environment : this has the side-effect of granting her an anthropomorphic guise (which also allows easier infiltration of the planet).

Despite the fact humanity has advanced to near godlike status (at least in the minds of the residents of Alden) she shares a common theme in utilizing relatively low-tech weaponry in her design : this suggests most Hunters prefer to get up-close and personal with their targets, which also explains the practice of Hunters "adopting" a superhuman partner (refered to as a Tracker).

she is last seen in Issue 19 conspiring with the rest of the Hunters to capture the escaped former-Invasion bio-weapon, Warfare, who has taken refuge with other escaped prisoners of the Invaders under the care of the fire-elemental known as Phenix - hinting at the beginnings of the inevitable war between Alden and the Invasion Force (of whom the Hunters would be among the front line).

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