The Cupid Bee is a nasty species of magical bee featured in anime series Little Witch Academia. This magical bee got their name from their ability to cause victims they stung to fall in love with the first person they see.

A member of these creatures serves as sole main antagonist of episode Bee Commotion.

Behavior and Appearance

Though Cupid Bees are mere animals that lacked genuine malice, they are still troublesome magical creatures that must be dealed seriously as they could render entire population to a lovestruck standstill. As shown in the episode, a cupid bee displayed the habit to causing artificial love on anyone it stung just for fun. When agitated, they become aggressive that they wind up stung any sentient being around them on sight.

In appearance, they looks like a wasp with two antennae, wings and a large back with a sting and a red heart in the middle.


True to their name, Cupid Bees causes anyone stung to fall in love with the first person they see. Once get stung, the victim at first suffer a brief painful headache that they fall to their knees. Upon the sight of the first person they see after got stung (regardless of gender or species!), they will succumbed to the sting's influence and overwhelmed by strong romantic attraction on the said person.

Fortunately, since the lovestruck that resulted from a Cupid Bee's sting being magical, it can be cured simply by killing the bee that responsible.


When Sucy ordered a poisonous bee for her experiments, she instead got a cupid bee and dismayed, but kept it anyway. When she, Lotte, and Akko infiltrated Andrew's party and got caught, Sucy, who intended to made fun of Akko, without thinking twice, released the bee and it stung anyone on sight, with Andrew, Frank, and their 3 classmates become first victims of the bee: Andrew was succumbed to the magic-induced lovestruck to whereas Frank and his 3 classmates succumbed to overwhelming romantic attraction to Lotte.

With things began to get out of the hand and everyone present in the party are threatened to suffer lovestruck standstill, Sucy created a special flyswatter for Akko so she cound destroy it and undo its magic. The cat and mouse chase between Akko and the bee ensued, with the bee become violent and indiscriminately stung anyone on sight. Just as it stung Earl of Handbridge, Akko successfully killed the bee, ending its threat.