Curaré is a deadly assassin and a villainess in DC comics. She is a member of a deadly guild of ninja assassins known as the League of Assassins and is one of their best members. She was sent on a mission to kill Sam Young. She appeared in the episodes A Touch of Curaré and Final Cut of Batman Beyond.


Nobody knows Curaré's true identity nor has seen her face (apart from Batman II). But everybody knows she's deadly, and possessed an unending knowledge of killer tactics. She was an excellent martial artist, and was designed to kill. She possessed a scimitar that has an edge no thicker than a molecule. It could cut through anything and she often used it to deflect gunfire.

In the Society of Assassins, the price of failure was death, and Curaré was the first to run afoul of that rule when she finally met her match in the form of Batman II and Commissioner Barbara Gordon. Both of them, working together, managed to capture Curaré and saved district attorney Sam Young from her lethal blade. Curaré managed to escape, but then had to face the fatal consequences of her failure.

She, however, managed to turn the tables on the Society of Assassins, hunting every one of them down, erasing their minds, before they had a chance to kill her. She eventually destroyed the entire Society one at a time and can thus be inferred to be the best assassin left in the world. She was soon captured by Batman.



  • Curare (spelled without the accent) is also the name of a poisonous plant used by some South American native peoples to tip their arrows, and by medical doctors as a muscle relaxant.
  • Curaré has no speaking lines, other than a few grunts.
  • The only person to see her face is Terry McGinnis. And judging by his reaction it is assumed that it is disfigured in some way. Due to possibly an unintentional animation error, however, her face is revealed during their first fight. Her entire head appears to be a blue skull lacking a lower jaw.
  • Curaré reappears in the 2016 Batman Beyond REBIRTH comic series, which is itself a sequel to the 2016 Batman Beyond comic and thus a distant sequel of DC's Futures End event. In this continuity, many of Curaré's attributes differ, in that she is not unwilling to speak and is portrayed as an anti-heroine and ally to McGinnis, rather than a villain. Her appearance in this version however remains unchanged from her DCAU counterpart.


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