Curio is one of Sledge's generals and main villains in Power Rangers Dino Charge and it's sequel, Power Rangers Dino Supercharge. He is a puppet-themed hybrid monster created as jester and entertainer for Sledge's fiancee, Poisandra, as the way to make up for having little to no time for love as a bounty hunter and distraction to keep her off the backs of her comrades.


Curio is more mischievous than truly evil if compared with many of Sledge's minions, only doing things in order to play and have fun, no matter how dangerous that might be as long as the reward compensates the risk. He treated his friends playfully, though mockingly at times. The one he discusses the most with is Poisandra, followed closely by his creator, Wrench, who is constantly drawing the lines. Sledge and Fury both tolerate and regard Curio, as he proves useful beyond measure to them and is promoted to general due to his close bond with Poisandra and his battle prowess alongside strong outlaws. Due to his attitude, Sledge often uses Curio as an escort and dealkeeper alongside some or all of his other generals to ensure outlaws will honor the bargain until its mission is completed without trying to escape, which has happened with captives such as Spellbinder, Cavity, Stingrage and Duplicon, a role Curio is more than happy to oblige if he is pampered with something beforehand or thereafter by Poisandra.

Behind his childish and mischievous personality however, Curio can also serious if needed, especially in the battle against Power Rangers that made him must not to be underestimated.

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