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"The high school girl's descent to madness! A shocking interview with the girl herself!" Would you like to participate?
~ Curious while battling Himiko Toga, as well as attempting to "interview" her.

Chitose Kizuki, better known as Curious, is a minor antagonist in the manga/anime series My Hero Academia. She is a member of the Meta Liberation Army until her life was left under the hands of Himiko Toga during her fight with her.

She is voiced by Takako Honda in Japanese and Tara Sands in English.


Curious is known to be a very overzealous and obsessive woman due to her immense curiosity. Just like Trumpet and Skeptic, she is loyal to Re-Destro, as the advice she took from him inspired her to believe that each story she interviews based on the stories would be considered in her opinion as one of the best ways to influence her readers, but in a twisted way, treats it as battles upon questioning said opponents and even going as far to proclaim that they are for the sake of the Meta Liberation Army methodically.

She also happens to be callous and was that willing to use her soldiers as pawns into making them living landmines as part of her strategy in battle, describing it twistedly as a "selfless act" to the army. Apart from her overzealous attitude, it would often cause her mentality to lose her focus in battle against Himiko Toga, which would be in the end, her own downfall to make.

Powers and Abilities


  • Landmine: This Quirk allows Curious to bestow highly explosive properties on any object or anyone she touches and it return will explode under the process at will. But given a single landmine would cause more lethal damage, she has to do at least more than dozens to accomplish evading said weakness if she were to cause enough power to her Quirk's usage.


  • Immense resources: Given her position as a News Publication Executive, she has an amount full to access on whatever resources she had to access one's background to their information without any suspicion getting aroused by other authorities, nor the government itself. Example happened when she researched and got Himiko Toga's informative background of her status and past.

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