Curious Chandelier

Curious Chandelier is one of the final bosses of Darius Gaiden, being fought in Zone Z. One of Belsar's leader flagships stationed at Planet Darius, it is hidden deep inside the core of the planet. It is shaped after a shrimp jellyfish.

Though not the hardest boss in the game, Curious Chandelier is very tricky. Most of it's attacks come from it's eye, which is also it's weakness. It's many attacks involve firing streams of lasers, using a crosshair which follows the player to fire continuous exlosions and use it's tentacles to ram the player.


  • Upon it's destruction, the ending shows the entire planet exploding, due to the damage caused to the planet's core. This ending is obviously not canon.
  • Curious Chandelier bears a strong resemblance to the Belsar leader shown in one of the endings of Darius II.
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