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It's the Curse.
~ Barley Lightfoot when he released the Curse, after taking the Phoenix Gem from the fountain.

The Curse, also known as the Curse Dragon, is the main antagonist of Pixar's 22nd full-length animated film Onward. It was a powerful and dangerous curse in the form of a dragon made out of debris from anything that it finds and guards the Phoenix Gem against anyone who tries to steal it.

Its vocal sound effects were provided by Frank Welker.



According to Corey's prophecy, legends explain that adventurers are seeking Phoenix Gems, while the one who can obtain it, can summon a wrathful curse that will take the form of a dragon out of debris from anything it finds and reclaim the gem from the thief back to its rightful place. The only way to slay the creature is to find and use a Curse Crusher and stab it in its own core.


When Barley finds the gem at the fountain in the climax of the film, he unleashes the Curse that comes with the gem, which then took the form of a wrathful dragon made out of Ian's school while the beast has the dragon mascot's face with artificial eyebrows lowering down to make the dragon look angry and terrifying. This leads to a battle that results in the dragon attempting to reclaim the gem from the brothers, who need it to bring back their father. Corey and Laurel intervene and try to attack the dragon while the brothers tried to restore their father using the gem. With time almost running out, Ian distracts the dragon as Barley says his last goodbye to his father. The dragon is later defeated as Ian uses a spell to open up its core before Laurel throws the Curse Crusher sword at it, destroying both the Curse and the monster once and for all.


The Curse is a huge beast in the form of a massive dragon that is made out of Ian's school. It has the face of the school's mascot while its body and horns are made out of rough bricks. It also has a red mist on its wings and all over its body while the core is in its center.

Before becoming a dragon, its true form is a floating sphere made out of the red mist.


  • Flight: Being a dragon, it is capable of flying in the air. However, it lost its ability to fly when its wings got sliced off by Corey the Manticore, who used the Curse Crusher Sword.
  • Fire Breathing: Being a dragon, it is capable of breathing fire and fireballs from its mouth.


  • The Curse Crusher: Being a supernatural curse and dragon, its only weakness is the Curse Crusher Sword, which is made out of rare metals.
  • The Core: The Core serves as its heart and a weak spot for the Curse Crusher Sword. If stabbed, the Curse and the Dragon will be destroyed.





  • Despite being the main antagonist, the Curse Dragon is physically present for little time in the film.
  • The Curse Dragon is the sixth Pixar villain to die after Hopper from A Bug's LifeSyndrome from The IncrediblesCharles F. Muntz from UpMor'du from Brave and Ernesto de la Cruz from Coco (although the latter's death technically occurred before the events of the film).
  • The Curse Dragon was about to be a Phoenix and would have a more classical Disney villain's role.


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