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Ding dong, here you are!
~ The Cursed Girl

The Cursed Girl is one of the protagonists of the Vocaloid song Hide and Seek by seeU.


The unnamed girl (played by seeU) from the song is cursed by a spirit to chase a child who has done wrong in the past. Her victim is a young boy, another protagonist of the story. At the beginning, the girl comes in front of his house and the two kids stare at each other through the window for a while till the boy realizes what she is planning to.

As soon as the girl enters the house, the terrified boy runs through the hallway, trying to hide from his pursuer. During this horror version of a game of hide and seek, the girl keeps singing a song about chasing him. She obviously sees and hears the boy all the time or just pretends so to scare him even more.

Eventually, the boy manages to reach his room and hide under his desk there. After a while, the girl enters as well and prepares to finish the game. When she doesn't find her victim under the bed, she lies to the boy that she is next looking inside the closet. Hearing that, the boy sighs a breath of relief - Until the girl hears his breath and finds him under the desk. That's the end - the girl dies and the curse passes to the boy who is "it" now. Just like the girl before him, the boy is possessed by the seeker, and cursed to chase a child who has done wrong, and the cycle continues.



  • The girl is likely the third or fourth victim of the cycle.
  • The song could refer to the game from Creepypasta which people can play alone. During the game, a spirit posseses a doll while the player must hide and burn the doll at the end.


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