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The Man Sitting

the man sitting

Curt Ingston as the main antagonist of film horror Night Monster.

He was portrayed by Ralph Morgan.


Inexplicable, numerous murders and innumerable bodies start to pop up in the swamp near Curt Ingston's home.

Ingston and a man on the wheelchair due to a paralysis and its problem are occupied by three doctors.

Already in the household are his grim-humorated butler Rolf; A lecherous chauffeur, Lawrie; A mannish housekeeper, Miss Judd; An Eastern mystic, Agar Singh; And Ingston's allegedly mentally-ill-sister, Margaret. Outside, the gate is watched by a shrunked old hunchback named Torque. Meanwhile, the mysterious writer Dick Baldwin goes into the marsh with the car was about to drown but was rescued by Miss Judd, seeing all these corpses and entering Curt's house.

After adjusting the car, following dinner, at which Ingston's conviction that the three doctors are directly responsible for his current condition becomes evident, the party witnesses an exhibition of materialization of an Egyptian skeleton by Agar Singh. Dr. Harper is forbidden to meet Margaret. Then, one by one, the doctors are frightfully killed as they prepare for bed. Suspecting Ingston, Dick and Police Captain Beggs confront him in his room, but discover he is not paralyzed, but quadruple amputated. Suspicion then falls on Lawrie, who was last seen driving a murdered ex-employee of the household back to town, he too winds up dead. In the end Dick had to confront the killer and threaten Lynn, after discovering that Ingston was not paralyzed but studied how to create legs and arms to commit homicides with the powers of Agar Singh. Dick confronts him and kills him, Miss Judd burns the house and they all run away.

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