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Curtis Taylor is one of the three main antagonists in the 1981 slasher film Bloody Birthday, he is a 10-year-old boy who alongside two other children was born without the capability to feel emotion or remorse - this would lead him to become one of the three psychopathic killers that terrorized the town in which they lived.

He was portrayed by Billy Jacoby, who also portrays the young Harold Rusk in X-Ray.


Curtis was the second-in-command, next to Debbie Brody, and was one of the smartest as well as the most cunning - he used his considerable intelligence to his advantage and like all the children had absolutely no care about lying in order to succeed.

Curtis preferred to use a gun in his crimes but would also resort to more primitive forms of murder if necessary, such as strangulation or locking a would-be victim in a refrigerator at a local junkyard.

In the film's climax Curtis and Steven Seton are overpowered after a failed attempt to kill the protagonist once and for all, he is seen smiling to the protagonist as he is taken away by police (presumably to a young offenders prison) - showing he has no care for the chaos he caused.

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