Curufin was one of several sons of Feanor, specifically his fifth. Out of all of them, Curufin took the most after his father in appearance, skills, and temperament, and would also pass on much of the same to his own son, Celebrimbor.


Curufin was born sometime between YT 1190 and YT 1497. Like his siblings, he took the Oath of Feanor and resolved to reclaim his father's Silmarils no matter what, and like them he resorted to large-scale kinslaying whilst in Middle-Earth. Curufin mostly stuck with his sibling Celegorm, and assisted him in his later kidnapping of Luthien. However, after Luthien escaped, Curufin was banished from Nargothrond along with Celegorm. He tried to kill Luthien in retaliation when next he saw her, but failed in his efforts.

Worse for Curufin and Celegorm was that the above actions ensured that when they later went seeking Thingol and Orodreth's help against Morgoth, both of them flatly refused to lend assistance. Curufin and Celegorm, along with their sibling Caranthir, would all later perish during the Second Kinslaying in a botched attempt to take a Silmaril that had been in the possession of King Dior at the time.


  • Ironically, Curufin's own son Celebrimbor also serves as a corrupt and villainous Elf in the video games Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, and Middle-Earth: Shadow of War. However, these games are not canon with Tolkien's books, instead being their own separate continuity.


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