Cxaxukluth is a powerful Outer God, who is said to be one of the offspring of Azathoth.


an Outer God and is the offspring or "son" of Azathoth by spontaneous fission. His progeny are Hziulquoigmnzhah and Ghisguth. He is the grandfather of Tsathoggua, Cxaxukluth is said to be superior to Nyarlathotep, The Ultimate Gods, and The Nameless Mist which is the creator of Yog-Sothoth. It sometimes has an Insectoid form, but is usually in a unameable, amorphous form. Cxaxukluth dwells on Yuggoth. His immediate family lived with him for a while, but soon left because of his cannibalistic appetites.

Connection to Nug and Yeb

The Second Epistle of Eibon unto his Disciples, or The Apocalypse of Eibon claims that Cxaxukluth is divided into a masculine and feminine aspect, which are Nug and Yeb, The Twin Blasphemies (Nug is also the parent of Cthulhu).

Behind the Mythos

The creature was invented, outside of fiction, in the letters by Clark Ashton Smith to Robert H. Barlow, and published in the article "The Family Tree of the Gods" in The Acolyte fanzine (issue 7, Summer 1944).


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