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~ A frequent quote of the Cyber-Leader.

The Cyber-Leader is a recurring antagonist of Doctor Who. It is a model of Cyberman that functions as a commander of the Cyber-Army's operations, and is usually the main antagonist of the stories it appears in. However, it is deferential to any higher authority, such as the Cyber Controller.

It was portrayed by Christopher Robbie in Revenge of the Cybermen, and by David Banks throughout the 1980's, with Paul Kasey portraying and Nicholas Briggs voicing the Cyber-Leader in the 21st century.


Revenge of the Cybermen

A Cyber-Leader led a group of Cybermen aboard an ancient Cybership in hunting Voga, the planet of Gold, which was responsible for their defeat in the Cyber-Wars. After taking command of the Nerva Beacon, the Cyber-Leader strapped the Fourth Doctor, and crew Stevenson and Lester, with Cyber-bombs to take to the centre of Voga, and annihilate it, so that the Cybermen could rebuild themselves. After the plan was thwarted, and the Cyber-Leader discovered the Vogans were planning to destroy the Cybermen with a Skystriker missile, the Cyber-Leader instead loaded the Beacon with bombs, and sent it to crash into Voga. This plan would fail, and the Cybermen were destroyed by the Skystriker.

CyberNeomorph Leader

The Cyber-Leader with the 1980's design, known in-universe as the CyberNeomorph has been depicted as the same invidual mind in multiple bodies, able to remember previous encounters with the Doctor. While emotionless, this Cyber-Leader spoke with a deeper voice, and did have characteristics similar to anger, amusement, and even smugness.


The Cyber-Leader was the commander of an operation to destroy Earth before a peace conference that could unite enemies of the Cybermen could be held. Accompanied by his Lieutenant, the Leader oversaw the Androids who had been left to guard the bomb. After the androids were destroyed, and the bomb defused, the Cyber-Leader realised that an incarnation of the Doctor was responsible.  The Cyber-Leader decided to use Captain Brigg's freighter as a way to destroy Earth. He reactivated a unit to take command of the ship, with the aid of their collaborator, Ringway. When the Doctor and Lieutenant Scott's military unit began to fight back against the Cyberman's rear guard, the Cyber-Leader wrongly concluded Ringway lied about the crew numbers. 

The Cyber-Leader awakened his 15'000 strong army, smuggled aboard the freighter, and executed Ringway when he took control of the bridge. With the Doctor was captured, the Cyber-Leader debated with him on whether emotions were a weakness, which the Leader concluded was correct, as he could threaten the Doctor's companion Tegan to force the Doctor to do what he wanted. With the ship's flight computer locked on course to Earth, the Cyber-Leader and his envoy would leave in the Doctor's TARDIS, wishing to observe the human's reaction to the destruction of their homeworld for research purposes. However, the interference of Adric led to the ship's anti-matter engine's warping the ship back in time 65 million years, to become part of Earth's history. Preparing to kill the Doctor, the Cyber-Leader was choked by the gold on Adric's badge, and the maddened and asphyxiating Leader fired its gun aimlessly, damaging the TARDIS console in the process. The Cyber-Leader was killed after being shot three times by the Doctor with his own gun. 

The Five Doctors


Attack of the Cybermen


Silver Nemesis


Cybus Cybermen

The Cyber Leader was the commander of the Cybermen from a parallel universe after the death of their Controller and creator John Lumic. "Cyber-Leader One" was the main commander of an army of five million Cybermen that crossed into the Doctor's universe in Army of Ghosts/Doomsday, resembling the average Cyberman with black handles. After he and his squad infiltrated Torchwood One, the Leader fully materialised his army, and began the invasion. The Cyber-Leader confirmed to the Doctor that they did not create the Void Ship, having only followed in its wake. The Cyber-Leader broadcast a message to the rest of the world, telling them that their differences would be removed by the conversion into Cybermen. To the Cyber-Leader's confusion, humanity began fighting back.After the Cult of Skaro emerged from the Void ship, the Cyber Leader sent scouts to meet with the aliens. After the Daleks rejected their offer of an alliance and killed them, the Cyber Leader warned them that they had declared war.

Preparing for the battle with the Daleks, the Cyber Leader ordered the conversion of Torchwood staff to bolster the Cybermen's numbers. He kept the Doctor alive as the Leader detected he had knowledge of the Daleks based on his reaction. Addressing the Doctor, the Cyber-Leader described him as proof that emotions were destructive. Right after, a force of Preachers led by Jake Simmonds immediately arrived from the parallel Earth, and Jake killed the Cyber Leader. The Cybermen elsewhere learned that the Cyber-Leader had been destroyed and immediately installed a new Cyber Leader, with a volunteer being upgraded. This Leader formed a brief alliance with the Preachers and Torchwood against the Daleks and stormed the Dalek's chamber. After the Daleks proved formidable, the Cyber Leader ordered all forces to converge on Torchwood Tower. After the Daleks unleashed an army of millions of Daleks, the Cyber Leader elected to return his forces to his native reality. However, his path was blocked by the converted Yvonne Hartman, who killed the Leader and his forces before the Cyberman and Daleks were sucked into the Void.

The Cyberleader in the episode "The Next Doctor".

After the events of Journey's End, the Cyber army escaped the Void and fell into Victorian era London. The Cybermen were led by a Cyber Leader with black handles and mask, with an exposed brain. This Leader was also referred to as a Cyber-Lord. In The Next Doctor, the Cyber-Lord plotted to create the Cyber King to convert the Earth's population. He claimed to their ally Miss Hartigan that she would receive liberation and exception from conversion in return for her help.

When the Cyber King was completed, the Lord betrayed Hartigan by revealing that she was the one indented to become the King. She was successfully put in control, but her will was too strong to remove her emotions. The Cyberlord tried to remove her, before being killed.

Cyber Legions

A Cyberleader resembling the Cyber-Lord from Victorian London was seen leading the Twelfth Cyber Legion in the 52nd century. However, he witnessed his fleet be decimated by the Eleventh Doctor to force him to reveal the location of Demon's Run.

Ascension of the Cybermen

Main article: Ashad

After the Cyber-Wars, the partially converted Cyberman Ashad was dubbed "Leader", by his guards.


Cybermen can survive more efficiently than animal organisms. That is why we will rule the galaxy.
~ The Cyber-Leader Revenge of the Cybermen
Destroy them. Destroy them at once!
~ The Cyber-Leader in Earthshock
So, we meet again, Doctor.
~ The Cyber-Leader encounters the Fifth Doctor, Eathshock.
There is logic in what he says.
~ The Cyber-Leader concedes Lytton's point, Attack of the Cybermen
A new and final era begins, Doctor. Imagination, thought, freedom, pleasure, all will end.
~ The Cyber-Leader, Silver Nemesis
You are proof...[The Doctor: of what?] That emotions destroy you.
~ Cyber-Leader One, Doomsday


  • While the concept of a Cyber Leader was introduced to TV Doctor Who in Revenge of the Cybermen, Cybermen such as Krail from The Tenth Planet, were retroactively declared Cyber-Leaders.


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