Cyber aka Experiment 000, is an illegal genetic experiment created by Jumba Jookiba, and the very first experiment to be created. He serves as a main antagonist in Stitch! episode Experiment Zero, and is designed to be the ultimate killing monster.

He was voiced by Paul St. Peter.

Physical Appearance

Cyber's first form was originally a purple version of Stitch with a flatter head. He then turned into cyborg, part alien part machine. His organic parts look identical to Stitch, but with a torn ear and no nose. He has two cyborg arms and three spider-like legs. Cyber has a half-helmet with a cyclonic-like right eye.


Stitch! anime

Cyber appeared in Season 2 of the Stitch! anime in the episode "Experiment 000". Jumba explains he attempted to create ultimate killer monster. He was successful, but Cyber proved to be uncontrollable. Eventually, Jumba imprisoned him on an icy planet, however Experiment 000 was able to escape and acquired mechanical body parts. After that he became a ruthless warlord with a cyborg army.


Cyber's cyborg arms serve as his main weapons. They have many useful purposes such as a cybernetic wiry rope, laser guns, a forked harpoon and welding tool.


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