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|hobby = Serving the Lin Kuei.
|hobby = Serving the Lin Kuei.
|goals = Locate Reptile.
|goals = Locate Reptile.
|type of villain = Robotic Hunter}}
|type of villain = Robotic Hunter}}{{One-Line Article}}'''Unit 5''' is a minor villain in the ''Mortal Kombat'' video games series. He appears only in the 9th sequel.
'''Unit 5''' is a minor villain in the ''Mortal Kombat'' video games series. He appears only in the 9th sequel.

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Unit 5 is a minor villain in the Mortal Kombat video games series. He appears only in the 9th sequel.


Unit 5 is a cyborg who worked for the Lin Kuei. He was given the assignment to locate Reptile. Eventually, he found his target and notified the Lin Kuei. This prompted Reptile to hide by cloaking his body. His invisibility was detected by Unit 5's sensors. The cyborg and the Saurian engaged in kombat. Unit 5 was immune to physical damage. Reptile killed him by spraying acid on his body. He took the cyborg's armor and left. Sektor and Cyrax arrived but Reptile was already gone.


  • When Reptile wears the stolen armor, he almost looks similar to Cyber Sub-Zero. His green appearance is the only exception.
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