Cybers are a fictional race of robots who act as the main antagonists of the relatively obscure video-game, Captain Bible in Dome of Darkness - the game is often seen a propaganda tool for Fundamental Christianity (though it is officially known by the more neutral term "eductional game") and as a result the Cybers can be seen as rather simplistic villains who symbolize what the game-makers view as sinful people or ideas.

In fact the Cybers exist to spread lies and weaken mankind's link to God, regardless of one's real-world beliefs in the universe of the game they are a real threat since God and Christian theology are seen as very literal things (again, as part of the game's world).


The Cybers went as far as encasing an entire city in a Dome of Darkness in order to totally alienate mankind from God and corrupted them with lies, which Captain Bible is sent to stop via using quotes from the Bible to expose the Cybers' lies and free the city from their evil control.

Although most of the Cybers represent scientists and atheists their are more dangerous Cybers who do geniunely spread more malicious lies such as "true power comes from manipulation and fear" - showing that Cybers do have more than just a spiritual threat.


There is also a hidden room where Captain Bible comes across a woman worshipping a False Lamb, who may or may not be linked with the Cybers.

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