Cyborg 0011 is a spider-like cyborg manufactured by Black Ghost and sent to kill the 00 Cyborgs. It is an antagonist in both the Cyborg 009 anime and manga, appearing in episode 5 of the Cyborg Soldier anime.


0011 was once a dedicated family man until he was kidnapped by Black Ghost and converted into a cyborg. He was sent to eliminate the 00 Cyborgs following the failure of the Cyborg 0010 twins to defeat them.

0011 at first had the advantage due to its seemingly invulnerable armor, easily defeating Cyborgs 004 and 008. However, 009 managed to spot its weakness: the windows 0011 opens in his body to use his turrets. The 00 Cyborgs manage to push 0011 to the edge of a cliff.

Recalling that 0011 had stated he was sent to kill the cyborgs in exchange for a human body, Cyborg 004 asks 0011 why he wants one. 0011 then explains his origin to the cyborg. 002 attempts to attack 0011, but 004 intervenes, causing 002 to hit the cliff instead and send 0011 plummeting into the ocean. 0011 responds by firing a missile that explodes into a deadly toxin that paralyzes the cyborgs.

0011 being overridden by Skull

0011 attempts to rebel against Black Ghost, but Skull forcibly overrides his free will and forces him to go after the 00 Cyborgs. 004 attempts to get 0011 to remember his family and resist Black Ghost, but to no avail. However, when 0011 opens his turret windows, 004 fires a shot at 0011 with his blaster, reverting Black Ghost's programming. 0011 then flies into the sky before exploding.

Other Appearances


Cyborg 009 (1966)

Though it is never given a proper name, a character that heavily resembles Cyborg 0011 appears to confront Cyborgs 006, 007 and 009 outside of Black Ghost's base. Though it manages to provide a little trouble for the cyborgs, it is ultimately defeated by them.

Curiously, the title of "Cyborg 0011" would go to Cyborg 0010's counterpart in the movie's sequel, Cyborg 009: Monster Wars.


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