Cyborg 0012 is a woman who was converted into a cyborg by Black Ghost, with her mind being given control of an entire house. She is an antagonist in both the Cyborg 009 anime and manga, appearing in episode 6 of the anime.


The woman who would become Cyborg 0012 originally lived in the Taisho era of Japan, eventually marrying a man of wealth. When her husband went off to fight in World War I, 0012 waited for him to return, even after his death, before eventually perishing herself during World War II.

However, her body was recovered by Black Ghost and her brain was modified so it had complete control of her house, thus converting her into Cyborg 0012.

0012 first encountered the 00 Cyborgs when 004, 007 and 009 discovered her mansion while investigating Dr. Kozumi's disappearance. The three were invited in by a hologram of the woman to have tea, though they left after 009 and 004 spotted a mysterious shadow inside the house.

The cyborg trio eventually returned to the house to investigate some more. Noticing this, 0012 manipulated the inner surroundings of the house to mess with the 00 Cyborgs.

Eventually, the 00 Cyborgs stumble inside a room filled with old photos of the woman. There the cyborgs discover 0012's true identity and history. 0012 then reveals herself as the next unit in Black Ghost's line of cyborgs. The three 00 cyborgs attempt to escape, but 0012 activates all sorts of traps throughout the house to stop them.

The cyborg trio soon find themselves inside a drawing room. 009 shoots the mirror in front of him, destroying it and revealing 0012's true form. 0012 then explodes and the whole house catches fire. The cyborgs manage to make it outside, but when they turn back, they see what looks to be the spirit of the woman and her husband in one of the upper floor windows.



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