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Cyborg 0013 is the last edition in Black Ghost's 00 line of cyborgs and an antagonist of the Cyborg 009 episodes, "Defeat the Invisible Opponent" and "Friend". He is a pudgy boy who was kidnapped by Black Ghost and modified with cybernetics to be linked to a giant robot.


0013 grew up in the same orphanage that 009 grew up in. He was at some point adopted, but in reality he was abducted by Black Ghost to be turned into a cyborg.

0013 first met 009 while out buying bread. However, he was quickly rushed away by his aids.

Later, 0013's robot arrived in Tokyo and rampaged through the city. Monitoring him was Skull and the other top brass of Black Ghost, who used 0013's destruction as a demonstration of Black Ghost's power.

However, 0013 was not without morality, as he refused to kill Dr. Kozumi and even helped 009 save a little girl. 009 was able to convince 0013 to turn good and 0013 killed the Black Ghost assassins going after 009. But, in order to break free of Black Ghost's control, he threw himself off a cliff. While his robot landed in the ocean, his body fell on hard ground. Before he died, he asked for 009's real name. 009 told him that his name was Joe. 0013 then died before he could tell 009 his own.


  • In the original manga, 0013 is silent except for unintelligible grunts and gibberish. However, in the anime, 0013 is given a full set of dialogue.


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